Just a freezing day in Budapest.

When a few decades ago they executed a group of Jews and shot them into the Danube, they had to take their shoes off.
I like it how this little monument on the coast of Europe's most important river and almost embarassingly close to all the famous things in Hungary's capital reminds one of the past and somehow stops you from thinking of only the glorious things - when it comes to the Danube and when it comes to Budapest as well -; it's like getting slapped in the face by all the horrible things human beings did to other human beings for no rational reason at all.
I think this is what they call the power of the tiny things - after all, these are just shoes, aren't they?


Evening is the time of day I find nothing much to say...

...so I'll let Vanity Fare speak instead.


The Catalan Santa Claus.

According to this tradition, he does not bring gifts accompanied by reindeers but... well, let's just say gifts find their way out of his body...


Barça - Real Madrid 5:0

If you are not a football fan or simply just arrived from Mars: FC Barcelona and Real Madrid are the two best teams in the world and whenever they play against each other, it's called El Clásico. When it comes to El Clásico in Spain, it's not just two teams playing, it's two worlds against each other: the Madrid/Spanish world and the Barcelona/Catalan world. Let's just say it's a hate-hate relationship when it comes to sports, culture, language and political news.
And yesterday el Barça had a historical win over RM - 5:0. This is, without a doubt the best news of the month.


Impossible but true.

I remember one day when my mother, after showing her the latest addition to my rather big collection of Picasso books - I even have one about the man's dog after all - asked when I was going to reach the point when I have a photo of all his works and stop spending money on new books. Then I told her it was an impossible thing to achieve since it is still unknown how many works he has - I believe around that time it was 13 thousand and counting.
Now I'm wondering what my mother will say if I tell her 270 new pieces were discovered - I guess she'll stay true to herself and say it's either impossible or quite simply ridiculous. And I'll stay true to myself when I tell her there's nothing impossible or ridiculous about it if you keep in mind that he had almost a hundred years to create whatever he had in mind. And we all know his mind and hands were anything but lazy.


5 reasons why I love The Sopranos.

1. The humour.
A perfect example is the 10th episode of the first season. An all-time favourite.
2. As someone who's obsessed with the Godfather, it's something very much like an obligation to love it.
3. Even my mother loves it.
4. Tony's mum is hilarious, brilliant and adorable.
5. How did Tina Turner say...?
...oh yes, Simply the Best. Or at least one of them.


Have the faith I have in you.

Pure perfection and some heartache.


...and he's back.

When two years ago Joaquin Phoenix announced he was retiring, I believed him. I was suspicious, but I did. Then, the whole craziness started - falling off the stage, the slightly scandalous Letterman appearance - and I didn't say anything. When you like and, dare I say, know someone so much, you just know. Just like I did. On Letterman, I knew it was a character - none of the usual gestures, none of the usual changes in his voice, nothing Joaquin. I remember my friend was sending me video links about Joaquin's latest act and I just said let's wait until the film comes out and you'll see.
It wasn't long ago that I sent named friend a link with recent photos of him (I was happier than ever to see him back to normal at the Venice Film Festival) and the link with his visit to Letterman.
Joaquin is like famiy to me - I basically grew up with him and I couldn't wait to see him again. And here he is, on Letterman again, as we know him, all those moves, all that tone, all those glances. He might be the best actor in the world but I still know when he's acting. And here, my friends, he is himself, that modest, shy boy I grew up with - and who is always eager to get off the show.


Yet another movie post.

I find it somehow unbelievable and very sad that though there are three feature films out there about Coco Chanel, none of them is acceptable. And the worst is, it's not even high expectations - they are, quite simply, lousy movies. First there was the Shirley Maclaine version and everyone hated it (though she got nominated for some awards for it) and said let's wait for the Audrey Tautou one, that will be the real thing. Then, it turned out to be a huge disappointment, even if the colours and outfits were nice.
And then there was the one about her romance with Igor Stravinsky. When I started watching it it was okay but then suddenly I realized that 10 minutes passed and nothing happened. Of course you could say it's ok since the movie is almost 2 hours long (and why is it that it's always the worst ones that last the most?) but it was pure suffering. And I like Diaghilev and ballet...

The whole movie seems pointless - the creators obviously decided they would show the important things through facial expressions and not words but it all seems too forced. I understand they are French and we are talking about turn-of-the-century artistic circles but still, there is a way to make it seem effortless. What they lack in filmmaking talent, they try to compensate with the good old weapon: nudity and long sex scenes.
I don't know why the life of Coco Chanel is so difficult to succeed on the big screen, maybe the creators of these movies should turn to Mr Lagerfeld for an advice. After all, he accomplished the apparently not so impossible mission with his short movies...


I ate, I loved, I prayed - and I came back.

Hello everyone, after more than 3 months without posting I am back again. Due to my rather exhausting working hours (48-50 hours per week paired with 24 hours of travelling) and my busy university schedule (I had to turn in my thesis and prepare for a few exams), I simply couldn't find the time to write here, or anywhere else for that matter.
But now here I am, with a brand new job that hopefully will let me have the freetime to enjoy life and my hobbies. To celebrate the beginning of what for me is a new - and once again, hopefully better - life, I watched Eat Pray Love last night.

The thing is, it was a hit in Spain and now everyone is reading the book on the metro and the promotion made me believe it was some light comedy so I must admit I decided to watch it for pure entertainment and had no intentions whatsoever to actually have thoughts provoked by this film. But I was wrong. And this time, it was a lovely disappointment. Eat Pray Love might not be heavy weight but it's also far from light. I couldn't avoid thinking while reading behind the lines and the great acting but all this, the fact that this movie actually has a profound meaning, it has something to say, didn't stop me from having a good time. I like how Italy is for eating, India is for meditation and Bali is for love in the film and I also love that despite the obvious beauty of these places the creators stayed away from the shallow let's-show-the-beach/monuments /pretty things-and-call-it-a-day shots. Some elements of the editing are also outstanding, and all in all I was surprised and overwhelmed by the quality the film presented.
And to think that I almost stayed away from such an experience because of some cash-oriented, misleading promotion! Now if only I could find out why despite loving the movie I do NOT feel the urge to read the book.........


In and outside I turn to water.

Lay a whisper on my pillow
Leave the winter on the ground
I wake up lonely,there's air of silence
In the bedroom and all around

Touch me now, I close my eyes
And dream away...

It must have been love, but it's over now
It must have been good, but I lost it somehow
It must have been love, but it's over now
From the moment we touched till the time had run out

Make believing we're together
That I'm sheltered by your heart
But in and outside I turn to water
Like a teardrop in your palm

And it's a hard winter's day
I dream away...

It must have been love, but it's over now
It was all that I wanted, now I'm living without
It must have been love, but it's over now
It's where the water flows, it's where the wind blows

It must have been love, but it's over now
It must have been good, but I lost it somehow
It must have been love, but it's over now
From the moment we touched till the time had run out

It must have been love, but it's over now
It was all that I wanted, now I'm living without
It must have been love, but it's over now
It's where the water flows, it's where the wind blows.


The good laugh.

When I have a little spare time, I just love watch David Letterman interviews. I usually go for the new ones but after I just had to turn off Kirsten Stewart's appearence for finding her immature and lack of sense of humour, I decided to go for Sarah Michelle Gellar. She is just lovely and - I guess that's why I like her so much - her sarcasm, combined with that of Letterman make me laugh out loud.
This interview, from 1997, is one of my favourites.


Three things that happened to me while I was away...

Boy, it's been a long time since my last post! Nowadays I'm either really busy or really tired or running errands...
So here are three things that happened to me, that interest me, that ate themselves under my skin during the hiatus:

1. I watched Sex and the City 2...
... and of course I didn't like it. I found it one of those shallow, meaningless and unfinished "movies" I would never, ever watch if the title didn't say Sex and the City.... So I guess I'll just have to rewatch the six seasons to cure myself out of the huge disappointment.

2. I decided to spend a ridiculous amount of money on sunglasses.
I am one of those persons who don't ever wear sunglasses - not because I am somehow immune to sunlight but because none of the styles seem to fit me. I have a bunch of sunglasses yet I never wear them - for this reason. But today I encountered what might just be the perfect design for me and I'm thinking of it as of an investment. Thank you, Tom Ford, for thinking of me!

3. I developed a serious addiction for Angel, the series - again.
A few years ago I was a Buffy/Angel fan - just like many others - and when I come home from work, tired and yet not sleepy, it feels wonderful to watch an episode. Or two. And one while having breakfast. I thought it would look dumb now that a few years have passed but I actually still just love it - sarcastic humour is eternal after all!


Have no time for nothin'...

... just to say Goodnight (Moon)....


Busy bee.

I'm working six days a week nowadays and this is the first day when I have a little time for things I like - such as posting here...
The most devastating news of last week was the passing of the legendary Dennis Hopper - I think even those who did not like him respected him so much that his death devastated the whole movie business - and movie lovers as well.
He will be missed and will always be remembered as one of the greatest of his generation.


Beautiful things.

This statue is in Barcelona's Parc de la Ciutadella - the whole park is breathtakingly beautiful (and with the cat shelter it's also a bit scary sometimes - imagine dozens of cats sitting in a bunch, all looking in the same direction as if they were waiting for something grand to happen) but since I am a statue fanatic, this one takes it all for me.


The cat man.

Marlon Brando was not only the greatest actor of all times, a wise man and a humanitarian, he was also an animal lover. I always thought the way someone treats animals shows the kind of person he is and if I'm right, looking at these photos just proves what a wonderful man Brando was.
If I could pick one famous person to resurrect, I would not hesitate and would definitely bring Marlon Brando back to life...



So are you to my thoughts as food to life,
Or as sweet-season'd showers are to the ground;
And for the peace of you I hold such strife
As 'twixt a miser and his wealth is found;
Now proud as an enjoyer and anon
Doubting the filching age will steal his treasure,
Now counting best to be with you alone,
Then better'd that the world may see my pleasure;
Sometime all full with feasting on your sight
And by and by clean starved for a look;
Possessing or pursuing no delight,
Save what is had or must from you be took.
Thus do I pine and surfeit day by day,
Or gluttoning on all, or all away.


Péter Popper, 1933-2010.

"If you want people to lie to you less, stop asking too much and never threaten."

"If there is chaos in a person, he creates chaos in his environment. If there is orden in a person, he creates orden around himself."

"The sneaking murderer of love is laziness; when the acquired happiness's safety starts to destroy the everydays. When we are lazy to court, to seduce, to make ourselves desirable - including having a bath, washing our teeth, combing our hair, using perfume and pretty dresses, pajamas. Why? He's ours now anyway. But this is what tinkles the death-bell of a man-woman relationship. Because we should inscribe to our hearts with capitals: A PERSON IS NOT A PROPERTY!"

"A politician has opponents in every party. But he only has enemies in his own."

"The most important: don't let yourself burn in the fire of your own past! Because that is hell itself. And you yourself chose it."

"Depression starts when you start to believe your future will be exactly the same as your present."

"If you can target with coldness, your words will strike home more precisely than if you roared madly. A rampaging, lost-his-temper man becomes ridiculous in no time."


Hit the rock bottom.

Sorry for the long hiatus.... I could say I was really busy but the truth is I just developed some addiction to the series 30 Rock......!! I love the series though I couldn't explain why, sometimes it's dumb, yes and I don't know why it is that while I don't like Office (they are not the same but the atmosphere is very similar) I absolutely love 30 Rock but this is the truth. Maybe it's that Alec Baldwin is in the latter - I have always liked him but since this series I just love him. I remember being a little girl reading articles of him and his brothers and watching some of his movies, admiring him but I never thought he was so funny. His talent and his voice are just mesmerizing. His character on the show is hilarious, a really put together personality you sometimes feel sorry for (some of his bursting-into-tears scenes are so authentic they actually send shivers down your spine and you just want to run up to him to comfort him) but most of the time you're just laughing out loud.

My other favourite character is Kenneth's (played by Jack McBrayer) - also a many-sided character who might seem simple but is actually quite wise (though he has no idea about it). McBrayer's acting is impeccable, he turned Kenneth into one of the most memorable characters of contemporary TV shows... well, at least for me. I like it that Kenneth represents some stereotypes yet he is not completely a bunch of clichés - he's unique, very original and unbelievably entertaining.
Can't wait until the fifth season!


Szerelem, szerelem.

Márta Sebestyén is a Hungarian folk vocalist, the finest and most famous one all over the world. This particular song, that can be heard in the beautiful Anthony Minghella movie, The English Patient is called Szerelem, szerelem (Love, love) and though many others have sung songs like this before and after, no-one can perform them in such a touching and emotional way as Sebestyén.

The lyrics in English:

O, love love
accursed torture
why did you not blossom
on every treetop?
On the top of every tree,
on the leaf of a walnut tree,
so every maiden and unmarried young man
would have plucked it.
Because I too plucked it
and I let it slip away.
I too plucked it
and I let it slip away.
O, I would pluck one again
if I found a good one,
if I found a good one, a beautiful one,
my old lover.
And for my old lover
what wouldn't I do?
I would skim the water
from the sea with a spoon.
From the bottom of the sea
I would gather small pearls
and for my old lover
I would braid a wreath of pearls.


The word they whisper low.

Roy Orbison is the kind of artist that gets you in the mood. When listening to his songs, I always see a movie, the story of the song - Pretty Woman, Anything You Want and Shahdaroba are my favourites. Doesn't the latter just take you to an underground club with whiskey and forbidden joys, a club that could be in Egypt or in New York or anywhere else, a club with that 60s mood? Magical, mystical and unforgettable.


Steve, 80.

Today one of film's most stylish and influential actors, Steve McQueen would be 80 years old.
I always wondered what it is about him that makes one go crazy, man or woman, even just by seeing a photo of him. Then I realized that maybe I shouldn't look for a reason - it's just that he had it all: charisma, talent, a masculine, characteristic face and that certain something that screams "icon".

No comment.

The lyrics in English:

I want you to suffer what I suffer
and I will learn to pray to achieve it
I want you to feel so useless
as a glass without whiskey between one's hands
and I want you to feel in your chest
the heart, as if it was someone else's
and it hurt.
I wish you death wherever you are
and I will learn to pray to achieve it
I want you to suffer what I suffer
and I will learn to pray to achieve it.
I want you yo lean out each hour
as a nosy prisoner, out of your window
and that the only scenery for you
shall be the rocks of the street.
I wish you death wherever you are
and I will learn to pray to achieve it
I want you to suffer what I suffer
and I will learn to pray to achieve it.


I want it now. Picture of the week.

Maybe it's a shame to admit that until about 15 minutes ago I didn't know what Ang Lee's latest effort was about. But as I read an interview with him and saw a photo of the film I decided I quite simply have to watch it as soon as possible - that specific picture (with Liev Schreiber dressed as a lady) made me laugh and fall in love with any project that has such a strong effect on me after only seeing one outtake of it.
So... though it's been a long time since the last Picture of the week, here it is, Liev Schreiber in Ang Lee's Taking Woodstock.



A while ago I watched Peter Jackson's Lovely Bones. The movie itself was quite beautiful and dreamy but I wouldn't say it was a masterpiece. However, Mark Wahlberg was genious - an unforgettable performance!
I have always considered him a talented actor, ever since I saw him in The Basketball Diaries but I firmly believe that for this particular role - he plays a father who loses his daughter, in brief, sans the magical part - he should have at least get a nomination for an Oscar. Especially since this year's nominees were mostly there for some lousy job (of course there were outstanding exceptions, think Christoph Waltz or Stanley Tucci, who actually got nominated for this movie).

But before you think I'm suggesting Mr. Wahlberg is the only reason to watch this movie, let me tell you that the actors are all wonderful - Susan Sarandon, Rachel Weisz, Saoirse Ronan... But what Wahlberg gives none of them can surpass.


Wicked Game.

Roland Barthes has always been one of my favourite philosophers - his thoughts, expressed in a light, entertaining yet thought-provoking way make it a pleasure to read any of his works and his intelligence is really something to envy.
Yet, when I came upon his 1979 work entitled A lover's discourse, all my already existing respect and admiration increased; this book, about love, about various aspects and situations of love and, of course, about lovers themselves, is, quite simply, perfect. I think none of the help yourself books and seminars have meaning after reading this book - it might not have the answers but it describes feelings so perfectly it sends shivers down one's spine. And all this written by a man more than 30 years ago!
How strange yet amazing that nothing has changed over the years - people love, people suffer while others just leave behind.

"The fatal identity of the lover is nothing more than this: I am the one who's waiting."



Today is the 11th of March, the 6th anniversary of the Madrid train bombings. I remember being shocked then and I still am, especially now that I see Atocha station almost every day.


The school of life.

I spent this week back in Hungary with my family so I didn't post but in the meantime I watched a few movies.... And one of them turned out to be one of the best ones I've seen in a long, long time.
I am talking about An Education - this movie really taught me a lesson or two about life and how much one should (or should not) sacrifice for love and most of all it made me realize that no matter what, you should always follow your goals and never let anyone, even if that someone is your significant (or not so significant) other - after all, if that person really loves you, they will never make you or even encourage you to give up something that would do you good.

I am really sorry that this movie will probably bleed to death at the Oscars due to some awful movies that for some reason are more beloved by those who make these decisions. Thankfully, most of the critics still prefer good movies instead of bad ones.



I love it that Muse shows the going-mad-for-you side of love that is dark, bitter yet feels so good sometimes. This song is one of their masterpieces with lyrics filled with obsession - but don't we all fall in love so much some time during our lives that we basically become addicted to that person...? As if that person was a drug and you can only LIVE if he's around and when he's not... well... you only exist.
I know to some this kind of love might sound too consuming to some but the truth is, this is the only kind of love that is worth living. Wasn't it Arthur Miller who said the majority of people live in 50-60% relationships? Ever since I've heard this theory, I decided I would only settle for something that is 100%. This does not mean perfection, this means that you are completely attached to that person emotionally. And when you find this kind of love, it might hurt but still, it's wonderful.

Muse - Time Is Running Out


If the man in my life is the only person for whom I would wake up at 7 am, Evgeni Plushenko is the only one for whom I would stay up until 6 am - and so I did, to root for him on this year's Winter Olympics. There many debates out there about whether or not Evan Lysacek deserved the gold - I am partial so I definitely say he didn't - this post is not going to be about that. Or at least not exactly.
All I can say is, what when Plushenko does it seems natural and instinctive, in the case of Lysacek seems prepared and artificial. Plushenko is a genious who was born to skate, I think no-one, regardless to what they think about the results of this specific competition can deny that.
Below, one of my personal favourites - his long programme at the Salt Lake City Winter Olypics, 2002


Style translates.

When I heard that Tom Ford is about to make a movie, I got really excited. Now that I've already seen it - I must say, I am impressed. I wouldn't say it's a dynamic movie, I wouldn't say it's exciting - no. In fact, it is quite slow but this is the beauty of it. You get the impression (and this impression might actually be the truth) that Mr. Ford designed each and every one of the frames, all the tiny little details, from pink cigarettes to the way Colin Firth walks and all these things, paired with the beautiful music equals an exceptionally beautiful and thought-provoking movie... or not, maybe it is not even a movie, it is more like an art piece - and for that, I would say it's a masterpiece.



Picture of the week.

Jack Nicholson, by Annie Leibovitz for Vanity Fair.


The one who showed us fashion really was art...

... Alexander McQueen. My heart is bleeding.


Let's die a little.

Those who like photography often compare Mantegna's Cristo Muerto to a picture taken of Che Guevara's dead body. This comparison has been made by - amongst others - Susan Sontag, Hungarian photographer Gellér B. - and David Bowie. I like the latter's version the most - so artistic, so cool, so Bowie.

David Bowie - Lodger:


Another movie post.

After my huge disappointment, I practically spent the last week in the cinema, watching all the movies I could to get over my slight cinematographic depression. Now I can say I have seen all the movies available in English right now and I still long for something as thought-provoking, extraorinary and outstanding as the new Coen movie. Here is the 3+1 list of my latest experiences on the field of the big screen.

1. Nine
I've been waiting for this film for such a long time and maybe it was the problem - I know musical fans would call it a deadly sin but I must admit I loved the move except for the songs - some had nice lyrics though. Anyway, the actors were fantastic of course and the film itself was good, the atmosphere was similar to 8 e mezzo and I guess this was the point. But please, why is it that the songs are so lame? Not a single tone to remember.

2. Invictus
The new Clint Eastwood movie with Matt Damon and Morgan Freeman. It was a nice watch but nothing really special. Again, the actors saved it all.

3. The Road
With Viggo Mortensen, Charlize Theron, Robert Duvall and Guy Pierce it is yet again a film with great talents but with not really much to say. I basically still can't get it, it was not touching, it was not thought-provoking, it was quite simply very dark and very sad. I would say the creators tried way too hard to create something moving but due to these efforts they failed.

+1: The Hurt Locker
I would have never ever watched it if I didn't see Ralph Fiennes's name on the poster. And then what do I get? A war movie where Mr. Fiennes appears for about 3 minutes and then dies. The same could be told about Guy Pierce. I think this is nothing else but cheating - a dirty way to attract viewers to the cinema because they know otherwise no-one would watch it. Especially since the word of mouth of the movie is awful. So are the reviews. What on Earth is this film doing amongst the best this and that nominees for the Oscars...???


Disappointment of the week.

I finally settled down in my new place, of course there are some unpacked things left... But the good news is, now I am only a 3 min walk away from Reina Sofía, the museum that gives home to dozens of Picassos, including Guernica!
Plus, now my favourite cinema is closer as well and last week I watched Sherlock Holmes. I expected a lot from this movie, not only because the actors are wonderfully talented but also because I like Guy Ritchie and the story itself is interesting as well. However, what I saw on the big screen was anything but interesting - in fact, it was so boring I had to force myself not to fall asleep. The film in one word is terrible, with overwrought jokes, a flat plot and the constant feeling in my heart that it could have been so much better. Even Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law were tame!
Anyway, every bad movie has some good features of course and I must admit the music is fantastic - only it needs a way better movie.



During the first two decades of my life, I lived in the same house. Then, I moved to Madrid and now I'm moving again, this time from the outskirts of Madrid to the city centre. However, despite all the excitement I just discovered how much I hate to move because whenever you think everything's packed, you'll discover another corner in the flat you haven't even touched yet. So many things in such a little place...
Maybe I should adopt George Clooney's style in Up in the Air and have nothing else but a little suitcase with all my life in it. As for the movie itself, I loved it, it was really witty and all, a bit predictable maybe but at least it was original. Thumbs up!



Yesterday I watched A Serious Man by the Coen brothers and it's no surprise that I absolutely loved it. The actors were fabulous, especially Michael Stuhlbarg whom I have never seen in any other movie I think...he was uncanny and he played perfectly his oh-so-recognizeably-Coen character. On the other hand, the conversations are so witty you basically can't stop laughing, unless you despise irony, which I don't.
The movie has all the ingredients a Coen movie does - good acting, excellent script, sarcasm, that typical atmosphere other filmmakers can never even imitate, that unsettling ending - and a new one: the film evolves around Jefferson Airplane's masterpiece, Somebody to Love - a song that's wonderful if you're listening to it on your iPod or at home but that eats itself under your skin if you listen to it in the cinema; believe me, you will struggle not to shout out loud the refrain for a very, very long time.
Yet again, the wonderful duo created a work of art, a masterpiece I would like to watch over and over again to experience the humour, the beauty, the genious of it. And again, those three little words come to mind: a must see.


Picture of the week.

Annie Leibovitz and Mikhail Baryshnikov for Louis Vuitton.


Prelude...to tragedy.

Back when I was a young teenager, I was crazy for a Finnish band called HIM. Their songs approached love from a different, darker, more painful and, oh yes, more sexual angle than any other song I heard before (of course, later I learnt that it was not just them but a whole genre... however, I still think they are the best) and I loved them to death.
But times change and most of the bands I listened to then belong to my past now but the first two albums by HIM are still with me... And the following song, from Razorblade Romance tells me more now than it did before. Listening to the lyrics as a more mature person I discovered their more profound meaning that still fits my emotions up to a certain level.
So, now I think I Love You (Prelude to Tragedy) is about a person who doesn't like easy love - who gets bored if he gets what he wants. Who believes that the more he has to fight for someone's love, the better. All this and an excellent musical background - how could I ever give up HIM...?


Crystal again.

Due to V Magazine's (plus-)size issue, the fashion world is all about weight issues again. While I think it is a good think to promote models who look more like an average woman, I think most efforts in fashion to end the reign of super skinny models is nothing else but the other side of the imaginary horse - instead of using stick thin girls, they opt for using overweight people. And I know nothing about the US but here in Europe none of the above says "average" to me, not to mention the health factor.
One refreshing exception is "the most successful plus-size model", Crystal Renn. She really has a figure that reminds me of an average woman and when I look at her I think she is completely normal - and healthy. This is the kind of body the industry should promote instead of trying to break one bad habit with an other one.


Save me.

This is one of my favourite songs from Queen. The lyrics - whether it fits my current emotional state or not - always breaks my heart.


La dama y la muerte.

Or, in English: The Lady and the Reaper. This is the title of a Spanish short movie and it will go to the Oscars - at least I hope so! It is witty, the music is incredible and even someone who doesn't particularly like animation films (I'm looking at myself...) can love it dearly.
This is just the trailer, if you have the opportunity to watch the whole film, I highly recommend it!



To loosely quote Oscar Wilde, doing nothing is only great when you have things to do and - just like all the time - he was perfectly right. This is why I stayed in bed the last two days, doing nothing but watching movies and reading (Al Pacino: In Conversation with Lawrence Grobel to be exact), instead of preparing for my upcoming exams... Or writing my thesis.
But, as I plan to end these days of laziness, I hereby wish you all a happy new year!

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