Three things that happened to me while I was away...

Boy, it's been a long time since my last post! Nowadays I'm either really busy or really tired or running errands...
So here are three things that happened to me, that interest me, that ate themselves under my skin during the hiatus:

1. I watched Sex and the City 2...
... and of course I didn't like it. I found it one of those shallow, meaningless and unfinished "movies" I would never, ever watch if the title didn't say Sex and the City.... So I guess I'll just have to rewatch the six seasons to cure myself out of the huge disappointment.

2. I decided to spend a ridiculous amount of money on sunglasses.
I am one of those persons who don't ever wear sunglasses - not because I am somehow immune to sunlight but because none of the styles seem to fit me. I have a bunch of sunglasses yet I never wear them - for this reason. But today I encountered what might just be the perfect design for me and I'm thinking of it as of an investment. Thank you, Tom Ford, for thinking of me!

3. I developed a serious addiction for Angel, the series - again.
A few years ago I was a Buffy/Angel fan - just like many others - and when I come home from work, tired and yet not sleepy, it feels wonderful to watch an episode. Or two. And one while having breakfast. I thought it would look dumb now that a few years have passed but I actually still just love it - sarcastic humour is eternal after all!

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aloevera adrienne said...

Personaly Sex and the city is an ugly way to present womans.
Olmost everybody is light woman,they change there partners, like theres shoues.
They spend a lot of money on everything and they could because tehy have a good job!!!
So God bless the Consumer Soceinty! The american dream and the Singel women prototip!
they are the tipical exqample of 14-36 years old womans who are the best consumers if!!! they are single, and girls they where almost everythime singels!
So they can go shopping, drinking coffe, go to partys have an adventure! Great! This mean to be a woman!?

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