If the man in my life is the only person for whom I would wake up at 7 am, Evgeni Plushenko is the only one for whom I would stay up until 6 am - and so I did, to root for him on this year's Winter Olympics. There many debates out there about whether or not Evan Lysacek deserved the gold - I am partial so I definitely say he didn't - this post is not going to be about that. Or at least not exactly.
All I can say is, what when Plushenko does it seems natural and instinctive, in the case of Lysacek seems prepared and artificial. Plushenko is a genious who was born to skate, I think no-one, regardless to what they think about the results of this specific competition can deny that.
Below, one of my personal favourites - his long programme at the Salt Lake City Winter Olypics, 2002

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