Picture of the week.

Kate Moss, David Bowie, and the very well-known Antonioni pose.

The original:


In the Name of the Father...

In the Name of the Father is a movie I rarely watch because of the effect it has on me - I practically cry and cry while watching it. Yet, it's so beautiful and despite being overly shocking, so encouraging that I can't keep myself from sitting down with some handkerchieves and watch it. Also, the opening music is fantastic and mesmerizing. It is performed by Bono but it's quite different from what you'd expect from him, I would say it's darker but the lyrics are superpowerful here as well, as always. Whenever I listen to this song, I think about Daniel Day-Lewis and whenever I think about him, the first thing that comes to my mind is that he is such a good actor he might be too good. Really. If you don't believe it, watch In the Name of the Father and you'll understand everything.


Picture of the week.

I found this at a website and couldn't stop smiling...


Media of the week.

When Queen had a concert in Budapest in 1986, Freddie Mercury surprised fans with performing a Hungarian folk love song. The lyrics are something like "when spring comes, my dear, all the birds choose love, my dear".
It's precious.


Picture of the week.

I just like this picture, I don't know why...

Source: Audrey Hepburn Complex


In the mood for love... street.

The music of The Doors describes my mood nowadays. Even if it's dark, even if it's not so much, I can't get enough of it. This music always mesmerizes me, I can relate to the lyrics and when I'm in love, listening to The Doors, it's like falling a little bit more in love. Perfection.

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