So are you to my thoughts as food to life,
Or as sweet-season'd showers are to the ground;
And for the peace of you I hold such strife
As 'twixt a miser and his wealth is found;
Now proud as an enjoyer and anon
Doubting the filching age will steal his treasure,
Now counting best to be with you alone,
Then better'd that the world may see my pleasure;
Sometime all full with feasting on your sight
And by and by clean starved for a look;
Possessing or pursuing no delight,
Save what is had or must from you be took.
Thus do I pine and surfeit day by day,
Or gluttoning on all, or all away.


Péter Popper, 1933-2010.

"If you want people to lie to you less, stop asking too much and never threaten."

"If there is chaos in a person, he creates chaos in his environment. If there is orden in a person, he creates orden around himself."

"The sneaking murderer of love is laziness; when the acquired happiness's safety starts to destroy the everydays. When we are lazy to court, to seduce, to make ourselves desirable - including having a bath, washing our teeth, combing our hair, using perfume and pretty dresses, pajamas. Why? He's ours now anyway. But this is what tinkles the death-bell of a man-woman relationship. Because we should inscribe to our hearts with capitals: A PERSON IS NOT A PROPERTY!"

"A politician has opponents in every party. But he only has enemies in his own."

"The most important: don't let yourself burn in the fire of your own past! Because that is hell itself. And you yourself chose it."

"Depression starts when you start to believe your future will be exactly the same as your present."

"If you can target with coldness, your words will strike home more precisely than if you roared madly. A rampaging, lost-his-temper man becomes ridiculous in no time."


Hit the rock bottom.

Sorry for the long hiatus.... I could say I was really busy but the truth is I just developed some addiction to the series 30 Rock......!! I love the series though I couldn't explain why, sometimes it's dumb, yes and I don't know why it is that while I don't like Office (they are not the same but the atmosphere is very similar) I absolutely love 30 Rock but this is the truth. Maybe it's that Alec Baldwin is in the latter - I have always liked him but since this series I just love him. I remember being a little girl reading articles of him and his brothers and watching some of his movies, admiring him but I never thought he was so funny. His talent and his voice are just mesmerizing. His character on the show is hilarious, a really put together personality you sometimes feel sorry for (some of his bursting-into-tears scenes are so authentic they actually send shivers down your spine and you just want to run up to him to comfort him) but most of the time you're just laughing out loud.

My other favourite character is Kenneth's (played by Jack McBrayer) - also a many-sided character who might seem simple but is actually quite wise (though he has no idea about it). McBrayer's acting is impeccable, he turned Kenneth into one of the most memorable characters of contemporary TV shows... well, at least for me. I like it that Kenneth represents some stereotypes yet he is not completely a bunch of clichés - he's unique, very original and unbelievably entertaining.
Can't wait until the fifth season!


Szerelem, szerelem.

Márta Sebestyén is a Hungarian folk vocalist, the finest and most famous one all over the world. This particular song, that can be heard in the beautiful Anthony Minghella movie, The English Patient is called Szerelem, szerelem (Love, love) and though many others have sung songs like this before and after, no-one can perform them in such a touching and emotional way as Sebestyén.

The lyrics in English:

O, love love
accursed torture
why did you not blossom
on every treetop?
On the top of every tree,
on the leaf of a walnut tree,
so every maiden and unmarried young man
would have plucked it.
Because I too plucked it
and I let it slip away.
I too plucked it
and I let it slip away.
O, I would pluck one again
if I found a good one,
if I found a good one, a beautiful one,
my old lover.
And for my old lover
what wouldn't I do?
I would skim the water
from the sea with a spoon.
From the bottom of the sea
I would gather small pearls
and for my old lover
I would braid a wreath of pearls.
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