Just a freezing day in Budapest.

When a few decades ago they executed a group of Jews and shot them into the Danube, they had to take their shoes off.
I like it how this little monument on the coast of Europe's most important river and almost embarassingly close to all the famous things in Hungary's capital reminds one of the past and somehow stops you from thinking of only the glorious things - when it comes to the Danube and when it comes to Budapest as well -; it's like getting slapped in the face by all the horrible things human beings did to other human beings for no rational reason at all.
I think this is what they call the power of the tiny things - after all, these are just shoes, aren't they?


Evening is the time of day I find nothing much to say...

...so I'll let Vanity Fare speak instead.


The Catalan Santa Claus.

According to this tradition, he does not bring gifts accompanied by reindeers but... well, let's just say gifts find their way out of his body...
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