3 things I don't get about Madrid.

I'm okay with the late meals and I understand why there are so many holidays (after all, who doesn't love them?) but still, there are certain things I just can't get when it comes to the city I live in, Madrid.

1. Why is it that in LavapiƩs (a normal size metro station) one of the mechanical stairs never works? It's always one or the other... Couldn't they just work, all of them at the same time?

2. How can it be that it's one of the world's most famous metropolises, yet you always just know you're in a huge city and never actually feel it?

3. What's wrong with Snickers? Why is it a mission almost impossible to find this delicious little candy bar in this city, or, for that matter, in this country? And why is it that once you've found it, it costs more than double what it costs in any other country I know?



I want to travel more. Right now I wanna go to Gibraltar...

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