Yesterday I watched A Serious Man by the Coen brothers and it's no surprise that I absolutely loved it. The actors were fabulous, especially Michael Stuhlbarg whom I have never seen in any other movie I think...he was uncanny and he played perfectly his oh-so-recognizeably-Coen character. On the other hand, the conversations are so witty you basically can't stop laughing, unless you despise irony, which I don't.
The movie has all the ingredients a Coen movie does - good acting, excellent script, sarcasm, that typical atmosphere other filmmakers can never even imitate, that unsettling ending - and a new one: the film evolves around Jefferson Airplane's masterpiece, Somebody to Love - a song that's wonderful if you're listening to it on your iPod or at home but that eats itself under your skin if you listen to it in the cinema; believe me, you will struggle not to shout out loud the refrain for a very, very long time.
Yet again, the wonderful duo created a work of art, a masterpiece I would like to watch over and over again to experience the humour, the beauty, the genious of it. And again, those three little words come to mind: a must see.

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