Szerelem, szerelem.

Márta Sebestyén is a Hungarian folk vocalist, the finest and most famous one all over the world. This particular song, that can be heard in the beautiful Anthony Minghella movie, The English Patient is called Szerelem, szerelem (Love, love) and though many others have sung songs like this before and after, no-one can perform them in such a touching and emotional way as Sebestyén.

The lyrics in English:

O, love love
accursed torture
why did you not blossom
on every treetop?
On the top of every tree,
on the leaf of a walnut tree,
so every maiden and unmarried young man
would have plucked it.
Because I too plucked it
and I let it slip away.
I too plucked it
and I let it slip away.
O, I would pluck one again
if I found a good one,
if I found a good one, a beautiful one,
my old lover.
And for my old lover
what wouldn't I do?
I would skim the water
from the sea with a spoon.
From the bottom of the sea
I would gather small pearls
and for my old lover
I would braid a wreath of pearls.

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