Péter Popper, 1933-2010.

"If you want people to lie to you less, stop asking too much and never threaten."

"If there is chaos in a person, he creates chaos in his environment. If there is orden in a person, he creates orden around himself."

"The sneaking murderer of love is laziness; when the acquired happiness's safety starts to destroy the everydays. When we are lazy to court, to seduce, to make ourselves desirable - including having a bath, washing our teeth, combing our hair, using perfume and pretty dresses, pajamas. Why? He's ours now anyway. But this is what tinkles the death-bell of a man-woman relationship. Because we should inscribe to our hearts with capitals: A PERSON IS NOT A PROPERTY!"

"A politician has opponents in every party. But he only has enemies in his own."

"The most important: don't let yourself burn in the fire of your own past! Because that is hell itself. And you yourself chose it."

"Depression starts when you start to believe your future will be exactly the same as your present."

"If you can target with coldness, your words will strike home more precisely than if you roared madly. A rampaging, lost-his-temper man becomes ridiculous in no time."

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