All you need is love.

Without saying anything about the background of this couple, about how they met, what their relationship was like, I would like to post some pictures about them - just because I think these photos are not only artistically valuable (at least most of the time) but it is also plain to see the emotions behind them - from protection through happiness to passion, everything is in there, you just have to have the soul to take it in.
So here they are, Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg.

I think it's no wonder the last one is my personal favourite...


I say, WHAT?!?

It seems Scarlett Johansson is in all the ad campaigns nowadays, not that I have a problem with it, I really like her, but when I heard she will be my favourite high-street brand's latest face, now that was when I said it was something less than perfect.
The truth is, my only problem with her upcoming Mango campaign(s?) is that she might be an "extraordinary personality, fun, young
" but if you ever happened to see any paparazzi photos of her street style (and now is the time to acknowledge that yes, I have seen many of those), you might now that her choice of outfits in real life is anything but similar to Mango's - in fact, she is often boyish and - may I say - baggy. Mango is something more elegant, something more sophisticated than a multi-pocket pair of trousers and a tank top. I do admit her outfits at various events are most of the time (we've all seen the exceptions...) like what I imagine Mango-stlye but otherwise...
And now I stop, I do not want to say anything worse of one of my favourites.

Source: WWD


Marc. Not that one.

The thing with Franz Marc's The Madrill is that first you might not even see the mandrill itself, but once you discover it, you can't not see it anymore. And this is what I feel sorry for - I would like some moments of not-understanding again, I want to see nothing else but the colours, I want to admire it, but all this is no more, there is only the mandrill. This is, as Oscar Bätschmann says, a problem - it suggests that the important thing is the mandrill itself and not the way it is depicted. But if it's true (and I do not think it is, I love Picasso after all...), why not hang a simple photograph of a mandrill in a museum instead of Marc's painting...? This idea, that might as well could cause artlessness, is as frightening to me as... well, you know that dream when you keep falling towards the ground?


Ten kisses.

Every now and then, CNN has some great lists and as a list-lover, I have already mentioned some of them in this blog. Now here's the lates: Ten important kisses in history.
Apart from the kiss of Judas or Eskimo kisses, it features a few less-known kisses as well. One of my favourite little stories:
"[...]the story of Thomas Saverland, an English gentleman who was at a party in 1837 and, as a joke, kissed Miss Caroline Newton by force. In response, she bit off a chunk of his nose.

Saverland took her to court, where the judge found his case more hilarious than harrowing. The judge ruled, "When a man kisses a woman against her will, she is fully entitled to bite off his nose, if she so pleases." A smart-mouthed barrister then added, "and eat it up, if she has a fancy that way." "

Of course, my favourite kiss of all times is on the list, too - the kiss of the sailor and the nurse, that the article simply calls (no wonder why) "The most iconic kiss in history". Take a look!


Just a little thing.

It is a fact that most male fashion designers are gay and today I ran into a quotation that, in my humble opinion, explains it perfectly. The author is Anatole France, a writer I love dearly and I think the following lines are not offensive and, thinking behind the words, everyone can see how true it is.
Also, what it has to say is something obvious - yet, when someone like France says it, it seems something brilliantly simple yet beautiful.
"Only men who are not interested in women are interested in women's clothes. Men who like women never notice what they wear."


I'm a believer.

Spring might have arrived a while ago but it's only now that I actually feel it - it's sunny out there! So even if I am anything but a fan of sun, sunbathing and hot weather in general, I always seem to notice I start to enjoy summer-y music more and more. This is the case with the quite famous The Monkees song that not only makes me smile whenever I listen to it (it might be because of the sweet lyrics), I also feel the need to sing along.
Plus, I like it that I see a picture with my spiritual eyes while listening to the song (though according to Theodor Adorno the worst kind of people are the ones that see pictures while listening to music...): driving in a cabrio, the summer breeze is all around, singing, headed to some place I love.
Such a wonderful, wonderful song.


All that's left behind.

When it comes to love, there are two types: the classic 'loving' love songs and the hopeless and/or post-break up kind if songs with usually strong performes who might give strength to those in need as well. Actually, I like both types if they are well written, composed and, of course, performed. Here are my three favourite songs of the latter category.

1. Johnny Cash - Cry, cry, cry
The voice, the myth and the beautiful lyrics about a rather abusive woman - I recommend it if you're in a similar situation. If not, I only recommend ot for your ears - and for your soul.

2. Madonna - You'll see
I love this song not only for the lyrics but also for the minimalism in the music - Madonna's voice is clear and it's sending shivers down your spine. Plus, the video is also something to remember...

3. Bambino - Cuando nadie te quiera
There are many other versions of this song but none of them is this dynamic. The title means "when nobody loves you" and below are the lyrics.

When nobody loves you, when everyone forgets you,
you'll return to the road where I am;
you'll return like the others, with your soul in pieces,
to look for some faith in my heart.

When there is nothing left of your pride
and the light of your eyes starts to fade;
then we will talk about our love,
and you'll learn that my kisses you always despise
will make you cry.

When nobody loves you, when everyone forgets you,
and the implacable fate wants to see your end;
I'll be on the road where you left me,
with my arms wide open and immortal love.

Because I want you to know that I bear you no malice,
and through my mother I had learnt to forgive
and once you learn about my broken lives,
even if you don't want to, even if no-one wants to,
you'll have to adore me.


Top 3: Bill Murray.

One thing's for sure: you may or may not love Bill Murray, but you have something to say about him. And even if I belong to the first catergory, I do admit he has some silly movies I don't like. In my opinion he is like Billy Bob Thornton (my big favourite) who, after taking some serious and quality roles just happens to make some awful ones (Astronaut Farmer, remember?). However, these valuable films make me love them so much, I kind of forgive them the not-so-good choices.
So here is my top 3 of Bill Murray movies...

1. Lost in Translation
This Sofia Coppola piece smells like life probably more than any other movie I have ever seen. It's really nothing special but a story that could happen to anyone else and it actually does on a certain level - we all meet strangers during our travels and leave them behind, even if we have developed some kind of emotion for them. Two Americans in Japan, a totally different world with totally different people, yet they seem to love it more together than the world they got used to with their loved ones. Masterpiece.

2. Groundhog Day
I couldn't tell you how many times I have seen Groundhog Day but believe me, the number is high. It's always something new, something touching and over all, something incredibly funny - you just can not get enough of the humour, of the characters and of that one day that seems to be never-ending. Also, it is a romantic movie and if I wanted to be philosophical (which I do not want to be right now), I could say it's thought wakening as well. Just watch it (again) and you will get my point.

3. His cameo in The Darjeeling Limited
I know practically it's not a Bill Murray movie since he only appears for a few minutes yet I think the way he appears is quite simply brilliant. I was hesitating whether to put an other Wes Anderson film, The Royal Tenenbaums here, but I just couldn't stop myself from posting this cameo.
The thing is with this scene that it has nothing to do with the plot itself - it just introduces one of the main characters. Also, there is a similar scene in the end, just to give you some frame experience.
Here is a link to the video, the scene starts at 0:21. Enjoy!


Nessun dorma.

I've never watched Britain's Got Talent or any other show similar to that (except for one occasion where my acqaintance was in competition) but I did hear about Paul Potts and his little miracle. I think it's great and very brave to go to a show like that and sing opera, not to mention that Nessun Dorma (from Puccini's Turandot) is one of my dearest arias. I like the video below, my only problem with it is that it is not the complete song, therefore I feel somehow incomplete. Yet he does have an amazing voice and it's clear his personality is loveable. No wonder he's a star nowadays, even if for me, his Nessun Dorma is a far cry from my favourite one.
The video below is not high quality, here's a LINK to one that is, I just couldn't embed it.


All the luck we have.

You might not know about me that I like soccer, or, better said, two teams I like a lot. The first one is Italy's national football team and the other one is FC Barcelona. The others, well, I am not that interested in them but with these two, when it comes to watching them play, I really am eating my hands off of excitement and worries when the situation gets risky. So yesterday, FC Barcelona made it to the final of the UEFA Champions League and I just wanted to say - amongst all the "exam season" craze - how happy I am, even if the game itself... well, it wasn't really Barça's best.


Just a question.

Whatever happened to Manolete? I mean, the 2007 film that is yet to be released and is starring Adrien Brody and Penélope Cruz. I have been waiting for this movie for such a long time since I like the actors, the story and the trailer and stills were absolutely fantastic. I hear there are some financial problems and the 2009 March premiere in Belgium was pushed back as well. Why? How come all the stupid, worthless films starring talentless nobodies can be released but something that would really be worth it (and I'm sure it wouldn't do bad in cinemas/DVD either) just can't come out, not even straight to DVD? This, for me screams injustice, not to mention the pain I feel when I think of the possibility of never seeing this film. So sad.


Childhood heroes - series, part III

The third series I used to love and watch as a child is the one I still love and watch - because in my country the final season is still to be released. Since its start, I have seen probably all the episodes of ER. Despite all the hospital series that followed it (and sometimes maybe happened to be more popular - temporarily) could be more entertainingly thought provoking and touching. As the years passed, the cast members became well-known regulars in our home and we always hailed newcomers (there were so many!) with interest yet a little suspicion behind. Later, of course, they became those well-known members as well, with only a few exceptions.
The cameos were something to look out for, too. The most memorable for me is John Leguizamo's just-gone-mad doctor - he not only proved his genious talent but also made me realize how much I like him in his other films.
Now that ER has come to and end (though, as I sad, not yet for me), it has become history. And I must say, I am quite comfortable with that.

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