Impossible but true.

I remember one day when my mother, after showing her the latest addition to my rather big collection of Picasso books - I even have one about the man's dog after all - asked when I was going to reach the point when I have a photo of all his works and stop spending money on new books. Then I told her it was an impossible thing to achieve since it is still unknown how many works he has - I believe around that time it was 13 thousand and counting.
Now I'm wondering what my mother will say if I tell her 270 new pieces were discovered - I guess she'll stay true to herself and say it's either impossible or quite simply ridiculous. And I'll stay true to myself when I tell her there's nothing impossible or ridiculous about it if you keep in mind that he had almost a hundred years to create whatever he had in mind. And we all know his mind and hands were anything but lazy.

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