Can I be electric too?

I love Oasis, especially their (What's the Story) Morning Glory album, it always cheers me up, makes me smile and want to have fun. It's perfect for a New Year's Eve party if you like this kind of music.


Merry Little Christmas!

Dear Everyone, I wish you all a merry Christmas!


València, València.

So, as I already mentioned, I spent some days in Valencia witha friend. I must say it is a very beautiful city and the fact that it has a beach is also a plus. However, we went in December and it equals hardly any people on the streets after midnight (something that was extremely weird for us after Madrid, along with the timetables of the stores and pubs and restaurants - almost all of them closed at 1 a.m.!) and after you've seen the city centre and the futuristic Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias, you don't have too much to do. But I can imagine that during the summer, when you can swim and everything, it's something very much like Paradise Found.

What I really liked was L'Oceanogràfic, it was awfully beautiful though we could not get into the dolphin show because we would have had to wait about 1,5 hours in line... That part should be improved, otherwise, it was a great experience!

So, my adivce is that if you want to visit this city, a) you must go in the summer; b) you must accept it's not a big, ever-moving city, even if it is the third largest city in Spain and c) you must love the beach a lot so that you don't get bored, not even after seeing pretty much everything in the centre.


Ode to Madrid.

It is a weird thing to admit but it's true: once you lived in Madrid, it will be terribly difficult, if not impossible to live anywhere else. Or, and this is embarassing, even leave it for a few days.
We spent two and a half days in Valencia and by the end of the second one every third sentence that rolled out of our mouth was "I miss Madrid, when do we go home?". My friend went to Paris for almost a week and decided she had already seen enough to come home - after her first day in the French capital.
But what is it about Madrid that is so mesmerizing and unique that you get addicted to it? Well, it's maybe the fact that you can get anything, anywhere, anytime here, the fact that people are always happy-go-lucky, the fact that this indeed is a city that never sleeps (maybe except for Sundays).
However, Madrid is not perfect either (after all, I've already seen testicles on the subway and many, many other rare things all over the streets) but this is exactly what makes it so fabulous - it comes with shortcomings, yes, but every single one of them is entertaining.
Madrid might not be a tourist paradise (there are many more beautiful cities out there) but it definitely is a wonderful city to live in.


Picture of the week.

Medusas in L'Oceanogràfic, València. Aren't they just beautiful?
More on the city later...


In the Shadow of the Valley of... Music.

Apart from being an extremely influential musician, Brian Warner (or, if you like, Marilyn Manson) is also a talented painter. His works are mostly less shocking than his music is considered to be, yet they are equally thought provoking. His intelligent and sincere artistic approach is impossible to miss if you look at his paintings and this is something that makes me respect Mr. Warner a lot, in addition to his many songs I happen to love.


Here's to you, Mrs Robinson...

I really don't know what is with this song that it always cheers me up. Of course I knew it way before I watched The Graduate - this song actually made me watch it... Needless to say, the movie impressed me as well. I also like the Sinatra version, although it's not as happy-go-lucky... Also, he changed "Jesus" to "Jilly"... What can I say, so Sinatra!
Simon and Garfunkel:

Frank Sinatra:

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