The word they whisper low.

Roy Orbison is the kind of artist that gets you in the mood. When listening to his songs, I always see a movie, the story of the song - Pretty Woman, Anything You Want and Shahdaroba are my favourites. Doesn't the latter just take you to an underground club with whiskey and forbidden joys, a club that could be in Egypt or in New York or anywhere else, a club with that 60s mood? Magical, mystical and unforgettable.


Steve, 80.

Today one of film's most stylish and influential actors, Steve McQueen would be 80 years old.
I always wondered what it is about him that makes one go crazy, man or woman, even just by seeing a photo of him. Then I realized that maybe I shouldn't look for a reason - it's just that he had it all: charisma, talent, a masculine, characteristic face and that certain something that screams "icon".

No comment.

The lyrics in English:

I want you to suffer what I suffer
and I will learn to pray to achieve it
I want you to feel so useless
as a glass without whiskey between one's hands
and I want you to feel in your chest
the heart, as if it was someone else's
and it hurt.
I wish you death wherever you are
and I will learn to pray to achieve it
I want you to suffer what I suffer
and I will learn to pray to achieve it.
I want you yo lean out each hour
as a nosy prisoner, out of your window
and that the only scenery for you
shall be the rocks of the street.
I wish you death wherever you are
and I will learn to pray to achieve it
I want you to suffer what I suffer
and I will learn to pray to achieve it.


I want it now. Picture of the week.

Maybe it's a shame to admit that until about 15 minutes ago I didn't know what Ang Lee's latest effort was about. But as I read an interview with him and saw a photo of the film I decided I quite simply have to watch it as soon as possible - that specific picture (with Liev Schreiber dressed as a lady) made me laugh and fall in love with any project that has such a strong effect on me after only seeing one outtake of it.
So... though it's been a long time since the last Picture of the week, here it is, Liev Schreiber in Ang Lee's Taking Woodstock.



A while ago I watched Peter Jackson's Lovely Bones. The movie itself was quite beautiful and dreamy but I wouldn't say it was a masterpiece. However, Mark Wahlberg was genious - an unforgettable performance!
I have always considered him a talented actor, ever since I saw him in The Basketball Diaries but I firmly believe that for this particular role - he plays a father who loses his daughter, in brief, sans the magical part - he should have at least get a nomination for an Oscar. Especially since this year's nominees were mostly there for some lousy job (of course there were outstanding exceptions, think Christoph Waltz or Stanley Tucci, who actually got nominated for this movie).

But before you think I'm suggesting Mr. Wahlberg is the only reason to watch this movie, let me tell you that the actors are all wonderful - Susan Sarandon, Rachel Weisz, Saoirse Ronan... But what Wahlberg gives none of them can surpass.


Wicked Game.

Roland Barthes has always been one of my favourite philosophers - his thoughts, expressed in a light, entertaining yet thought-provoking way make it a pleasure to read any of his works and his intelligence is really something to envy.
Yet, when I came upon his 1979 work entitled A lover's discourse, all my already existing respect and admiration increased; this book, about love, about various aspects and situations of love and, of course, about lovers themselves, is, quite simply, perfect. I think none of the help yourself books and seminars have meaning after reading this book - it might not have the answers but it describes feelings so perfectly it sends shivers down one's spine. And all this written by a man more than 30 years ago!
How strange yet amazing that nothing has changed over the years - people love, people suffer while others just leave behind.

"The fatal identity of the lover is nothing more than this: I am the one who's waiting."



Today is the 11th of March, the 6th anniversary of the Madrid train bombings. I remember being shocked then and I still am, especially now that I see Atocha station almost every day.


The school of life.

I spent this week back in Hungary with my family so I didn't post but in the meantime I watched a few movies.... And one of them turned out to be one of the best ones I've seen in a long, long time.
I am talking about An Education - this movie really taught me a lesson or two about life and how much one should (or should not) sacrifice for love and most of all it made me realize that no matter what, you should always follow your goals and never let anyone, even if that someone is your significant (or not so significant) other - after all, if that person really loves you, they will never make you or even encourage you to give up something that would do you good.

I am really sorry that this movie will probably bleed to death at the Oscars due to some awful movies that for some reason are more beloved by those who make these decisions. Thankfully, most of the critics still prefer good movies instead of bad ones.
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