I love it that Muse shows the going-mad-for-you side of love that is dark, bitter yet feels so good sometimes. This song is one of their masterpieces with lyrics filled with obsession - but don't we all fall in love so much some time during our lives that we basically become addicted to that person...? As if that person was a drug and you can only LIVE if he's around and when he's not... well... you only exist.
I know to some this kind of love might sound too consuming to some but the truth is, this is the only kind of love that is worth living. Wasn't it Arthur Miller who said the majority of people live in 50-60% relationships? Ever since I've heard this theory, I decided I would only settle for something that is 100%. This does not mean perfection, this means that you are completely attached to that person emotionally. And when you find this kind of love, it might hurt but still, it's wonderful.

Muse - Time Is Running Out

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