TASCHEN books.

First of all, I love books. And I love art. And I love publishing companies that release books that are, at least for me, to die for. TASCHEN is definitely one of those companies.
Whatever I could say about TASCHEN is on their website so I'll quote the papers who had something to write about them: ""The name TASCHEN signifies beauty, culture, and modernity. Each of their books is an object of desire and a world event."
Madame Figaro, Paris
According to
The Independent London: "TASCHEN celebrates pop culture alongside the Renaissance, and refuses to make any distinction between high and lowbrow culture."
The company was founded by Benedikt Taschen in 1980 and they are "publisher of art, anthropology and aphrodesia". Taschen's books offer you high quality, accuracy and beauty (if your only want to use the book as decoration...). Even if you don't consider yourself an "art fanatic", I am sure you will find something you are interested in. Here are some examples...

The complete works - Michelangelo. I had the luck to see this book in life and let me tell you, it is huge - so huge actually that the price tag (it's €150) made me raise my eyebrows and think to myself that it's really not
that much for it.
But before you think TASCHEN is the publishing company for rich art-collectors, let me tell you that most (or at least many) of their books are under €10.

This book is simply gorgeus. It is enough to look at the cover and those in love with photography and European cinema feel their hearts beating faster.

There is a series called Movie Icons (each book of the series costs only €6.99) and it features legends like Orson Welles, James Dean, Marlene Dietrich, the Hepburns and, as you can see, Marilyn herself (for the full list visit TASCHEN's website). In my humble opinion, if you love movie stars this series is for you, not only because it's high quality but also because having same-looking books looks and feels good.

Lovers of pop art are also pampered but those who have a thing for architecture will not be disappointed either...



Well, after months of uninspiredness, it seems quite refreshing that it's my third post today. But I doubt it is due to spring since it's snowing here...
Anyway, Google loves to remember us to some great people or events with various but always lovely drawings remember the Pavarotti one following his death:

and now they feature Hungarian composer Béla Bartók:
(He was born on the 25th of March, 1881). Just like Ferenc Liszt or Zoltán Kodály, he is known worldwide and though I love his compositions in general, my favourite is his one-act opera, Bluebeard's castle - beautiful lyrics (written by Béla Balázs) and the story, of course, is beautiful (for your information: there are 7 rooms and the lady, who is the wife of the Prince opens each door:
1. The torture chamber
2. The armory
3. The treasury
4. The garden
5. The kingdom
6. The pool of tears
7. The wives
and finally, Judit /the lady/ falls, just like the Prince's previous wives and remains nothing else but a memory in the 7th chamber with the other women).

Dear Google, more drawings please! It's so touching to remember.

Just a funny thing.

I do not know who John Mayer is (okay, only the things I hear on the net: he's some musician and the ex of that Simpson girl) but I saw this on JustJared and thought it was funny so here it is.


Old Hollywood.

There have been many sex symbols in Hollywood - men and women alike - but nothing compares to the sex symbols of old Hollywood, back when stars were mysterious (instead of discussing everything in the press) and took part in both genders' dreams.
Women sex symbols were the ones every girl wanted to be - to mesmerize the male idols of the time, to have that certain something that makes everyone stare at them. There were especially two Hollywood ladies 'mortal' women aspired to be: Lauren Bacall and Marilyn Monroe.
Bacall, the femme fatale of film noir rose to fame after legendary filmmaker Howard Hawks gave her a role in To have and have not (with Humphrey Bogart): Bacall was 19 (but already had a Harper's Bazaar cover in her pocket). Bogart - whom she married in 1945 - was also her partner in Hawks' other movie, The Big Sleep, a famous and exciting example of film noir.

Bacall is the perfect example of the femme fatale - on and off-screen alike (her relationship with Bogart started back when he was still married; also married Howard Hawks fell for her as well, it caused problems between the two men). She was the woman whose innocent eyes drove the opposite sex crazy but she was also the woman who tried to do everything on her own - strong, beautiful and irresistible.

At 84 Bacall is still making films and though her golden years are gone, she's still wonderful.

Her How to marry a millionaire costar Marilyn Monroe was not that lucky - when she died at age 36 it was a shock to the world (it is still unknown whether it was suicide or homicide).

Her most famous film, Some like it hot with Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon is widely considered the best movie ever (probably because it's impossibly funny) but her career - despite all the A-list films - is only one of the many things she is remembered for. Monroe is THE female icon of the 20th century, the woman no man would say no to if she happened to live nowadays and her spirit has not faded over the decades (not to mention the books and other media scrutinizing her life and mostly her relationship with the Kennedys and the brilliant Arthur Miller) and she is one of the most popular subjects of various merchandises - think the mugs, the clocks and others.

I think these women were born to be admired and no matter how many times they are copied by contemporary celebrities, they will always be the originals and you know, in 99% of the cases, original equals best.


Anthony Minghella

A rest in peace post is always sad, especially when it is about someone who could have lived and given the world more than their time has allowed them.
Anthony Minghella, whom I have always respected and considered one of my favourite directors, died at age 54.

He was the man who gave us The English Patient (about a Hungarian count, László Almássy), The Talented Mr. Ripley (and Jude Law with his so far best performance ever) or Cold Mountain, just to mention his most famous movies - he was the man who gave emotions the way only very few directors can.

He will be missed not only as a director, but as a friend, a relative, a great man with an outstanding imagination.

To quote one of the posters of The English Patient - in memory, love lives forever. But when it comes to death, in love, memory lives forever. And Anthony Minghella will never be forgotten.



I love bipoics, especially about artists and Frida is without a doubt one of the best biographical movies. It is not only the story of the world's probably most recognizable and most famous female painter's but also the story of a woman who lost so much in her life she had it all to give up but she resisted. It also about a passionate romance, a love that despite all the infidelities remains a flame that can not be tamed - it is touching to see a man love a woman this much, regardless of all her physical problems.

Frida is a beautiful film, very touching and, of course, the perfect cast has a great role in this. Salma Hayek as Frida is incredibly authentic, not to mention my all-time favourite Alfred Molina who is simply brilliant as always. Geoffrey Rush, Ashley Judd, Edward Norton and Antonio Banderas also have smaller but valuable appearances so you can understand why Frida could simply NOT turn out to be a bad movie.

But it is also interestingly made, sometimes painting-like, sometimes surreal and the Academy Award-winning music is marvellous. Julie Taymor knows what to do and she doesn't fail to do it the best way it is possible.

PS: I also recommend you to check Frida Kahlo's paintings, they are unsettling and appalling.


3 videos.

Though when it comes to music I usually opt for classical or simply non-contemporary music, there are some artists I just can't have enough of. I particularly like British pop music though nowadays there are so many Brit pop bands around I can't remember all of them. But there are three contemporary bands I respect and like for their own style (that is followed by many new bands). In music, style for me means the music itself, the lyrics, the way the band members look (and I'm not talking about being handsome or not), the videos and the mood of the concerts. Here are my 3 favourite videos from my 3 favourite contemporary British pop bands:

1. Oasis - The Importance of Being Idle

Starring Rhys Ifans, this video is just perfect. Ironic, black and white, great muscial-like moves and the music and lyrics, of course... It is my favourite music video EVER.

2. Franz Ferdinand - Do You Want To

These Scottish men are - for me - the best band on Earth nowadays. All their songs and the aforementioned ingredients of style get the maximum point and this video is not only witty, it is also the kind of piece of music that makes you get in the party mood, no matter what - even if for only that 3:35 mintues it lasts.

3. Coldplay - The Scientist

Their name equals quality, sensitivity and charity (they are into many charity projects and I think it is a great thing to support good causes not only with money but also with your name, this way encouraging others to do something good too). This video is sad and many say it is only loved by women (I don't believe it's true)... Anyway, it's good and the way it was made (going backwards) makes it special.


The most famous but not the best.

Just like in basically every field of art, there are some legends in fashion, too and Chanel No. 5 is without a doubt the most legendary fragrance in fashion history.
First introduced in 1921, Chanel No. 5 (for your information: 5 was Coco Chanel's lucky number) was planned to be the most expensive perfume in the world.

And, of course, after Marilyn Monroe claimed she wore nothing else in bed but Chanel No. 5, every woman wanted to have it. Actually, the fragrance is so legendary (I can't find a better word to describe it), it is included in the expression of suspicion: "Something smells here - and it ain't Chanel No. 5!
" (can you feel the Hamlet thing in it as well as I do?).

But I have to say, no matter how much I adore Chanel and legends, I can't love the scent of No. 5. For a while I thought I was the only one who couldn't respect it but this morning I heard two girls chatting about fragrances and they agreed No. 5 was "stinking". Though in my opinion this word is unduly harsh to describe anything Chanel, I do think No. 5 should stay in the bottle (unless you're 80 and over and want to smell like the stereotypical old lady).
Legends should be respected and they should not be forgotten but... And here I stop before I say something mean about Chanel and its wonderfully historic No. 5.


These ads today...

There are many reasons why I love Louis Vuitton (the accessiories, the dresses...) but the bags aren't one of them. Of course, they look elegant but sadly for me, they are original leather. But that does not mean I don't admire the Louis Vuitton bags's ads!
Putting the regular model-and/or-current-starlet-for-campaings trend aside, the legendary fashion house with the legendary bags (have you noticed that in Titanic /1997/ Kathy Bates's character, Molly Brown got on board with Vuitton bags as well? Yes, the name Vuitton equals luxury and elengance...) decided do create some not-so-usual ads.

A while ago, there was Catherine Deneuve. The French actress is just as ageless as the brand so it was a perfect match.

Then, as far as I remember at same time as Deneuve, they had former Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev. The perfect way to prove Vuitton is not only for celebrities, it's for everyone.

And once our dear Marc Jacobs decided to show his brand is adored by politicians, members of the elite and Hollywood stars as well (remember the gorgeous Scarlett Johansson), he thought it might be time to add rock stars to the list. And who else would be a better model than the man from The Rock Band, Rolling Stones. So here's Keith Richards, shot by the brilliant Annie Leibovitz and though at the first glimpse they seem an odd couple, at the second one it becomes obvious it was meant to be.



I am rather uninspired nowadays, not even Karl Lagerfeld's ever-exciting collections could make me post about fashion week... Since I couldn't come up with anything better, here are 5 fun facts from different fields - just because I love trivia so much.

So, did you know that...
1. Al Pacino started his carrer as a stand-up comic?

2. ...Pablo Picasso's birth name is: Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santísima Trinidad Martyr Patricio Clito Ruiz y Picasso?

3. ...when Marlon Brando received his first Oscar nomination in 1952, he refused to attend a ceremony and said he would send a cab-driver instead to pick up the award. Though he did not win, according to the legen he did send a driver to the ceremony?

4. ...the beautiful Parc Güell, designed by Antoni Gaudí was originally planned to be a housing site, but no-one was willing to move in so Gaudí (and his family) and Count Eusebi Güell (the garden complex was his idea) ended up being the only ones actually living there?

5. ...Salvador Dalí's name means Savior (possessed by) desire in Catalan?
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