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Dear everyone,
due to a tragic event in my life I will be unable to post for a few days, I don't know when I will return, maybe next week, maybe afterwards.
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Simply Steve.

Even if I prefer serious movies and even in comedies I opt for the not-so-idiot ones, I can't resist Steve Carell. Many call him the new Jim Carrey and they might be right since no matter how many movies Ben Stiller, Adam Sandler and all the other comics have made since Carrey ceased to be the number 1 in the world of comedies, Steve Carell is the only one who has the talent, the personality and last, but not least, the taste in films to be his follower. But I don't think he is the new Jim Carrey. I think Steve Carell has proved enough times that he deserves to be simply Steve Carell, brillian comic. The first time I saw him was in 40 Year Old Virgin and not only did I find the story itself interesting, I also laughed out hard a lot. This is something that never happens to me with most other comedies. Carell knows the balance between too idiot and loveably idiot acting and I would say he is the symbol of the new era of dramedies, think Little Miss Sunshine and Dan in Real Life. Of course the comparisons with Jim Carrey started with the Almighty duo but Bruce Almighty was more dramatic than Evan Almighty and this difference makes it impossible to compare the two movies.
Carell is an actor who knows how to be serious, it's just that in his movies he prefers not to be too serious.
I hope he will make more and more movies, because he's the only comic actor whose movies I actually want to see because I know he won't let me down. Plus, he has it all to become a comic legend - and let's see where his so- called rivals will be 10 years from now.


Let's dance.

I do not go out on weekends, mainly because I don't like the music the youth of the 21st century likes to dance to. But there are many songs from the past decades that I love and admire and whenever I listen to them, I feel the need to dance, even if I'm a disaster on the dancefloor. Here are my top3.
1. Ritchie Valens - La Bamba
I have a special story with this one and when I hear this song I always think of it: when I was a kid, my father told me that the singer, Lionel Richie died in a plane crash and for years I thought it was actually Lionel Richie singing this song and I was very sad he died since I loved the song. But then Richie returned to music business (with Angel, if I'm not wrong) and all the radio stations and music TVs were talking about him. And then I was deeply confused! Of course, later I realized my father confused Lionel Richie with Ritchie Valens who actually did die at the very young age of 17 in a plane crash along with Buddy Holly, J. P. Richardson and the also young pilot. The day of the accident (February 3, 1959) is also known as The Day the Music Died. The song itself, La Bamba is a Mexican folk song, probably from around the 17th century. It is also called the hymn of Veracruz. Though Valens immortalized the song, many people think the Los Lobos version is the original and they often mistake them.

2. The Beatles - Twist and Shout
I don't think there is much to say about this song - everyone knows it and even those who dislike The Beatles say it's a great song. There is no need to explain why it is so significant in music history and popular culture and it's enough to listen to it again and again to understand why it is one of my favourite "dance songs".

3. Santana feat. Rob Thomas - Smooth
It is one of the greatest pop songs of the nineties, still loved by radios and retro programmes (you know, being old starts when the songs of your youth/childhood are featured in the "retro" section...), performed by guitar genious Santana and the simply wonderful Rob Thomas. Also, it's a great video. Supernatural.


It's just an illusion - but I like it.

In the past few years, movies about illusionists seem to live their renaissance - to my great joy. Though I am not a fan of circus, I do love quality illusionism, something I can only "experience" in movies, due to the lack of masters around my little world. This is why I was happy to see that in the last two-three years, there were two great illusionist films, plus one comedy related to it, not to mention that great episode in House M.D. ...
1. The Illusionist

This is my number one, a great quality work that sends more shivers down your spine than most horrors. Plus, Edward Norton proved his genious again. The movie is ironic, magical and even the love line is great. Another interesting thing is that it was inspired by the Mayerling Incident and the story takes place in Austria-Hungary, i.e. my country.
2. The Prestige

Starring Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale and Scarlett Johansson, this movie turned out to be more known (but not necessarily better) than my nr.1. Though it is interesting to watch how two rival illusionists work out their newest tricks, it somehow isn't as magical as The Illusionist (maybe exactly because of this??). However, it is an entertaining movie about a passion only a limited number of people have access to, and also, it is the clear lesson of "never trust anyone".
3. Scoop

Once again, it's Scarlett Johansson and Hugh Jackman, but this time they share the screen with Woody Allen in a way funnier story. The film is more about a modern Jack the Ripper than illusionists but Woody Allen's character (he plays a D-list illusionist) makes sure you don't forget about this tiny detail either. Many say Scoop is a far cry from the director's earlier works and they might by right but I think with Match Point started an era and a series of Woody Allen films that might not become as legendary as Annie Hall, but they surely are interesting, brilliant and, in this case, a proper Woody Allen comedy.
4. House M.D. Season 4, Episode 8 - You Don't Want to Know

As a big House M.D. fan I can say it's a series that gets better with every season. The patient of this particular episode is (what a surprise) an illusionist (played by Steve Valentine) whose heart stops while performing a trick. He finally makes House beg for telling him the secret of a trick (this is something that is very often depicted in illusionist-based movies) but, of course, he keeps it for himself...



I think there are two kinds of folk music: the one you respect for the tradition and becuase of this you do your best to like it and the one you can't help but adore, regardless to your opinion about the country or your typical musical taste. Russian folk music belongs to the latter - even young people seem to like it (but that's not an excuse for creating those terrible remixes!), maybe because of vodka, maybe because of something else...
One thing is sure: Russian dance company Moiseyev is famous and popular for giving the viewers the impression of authentic Russian folk music and dance, all this in an exceptionally entertaining way.
Sometimes, of course, they bring elements from the traditions of other countries and the result is always the same: miracle. Of course it is best to see them live, but since we have YouTube...


Being a Louis Vuitton model...

... is something only lucky models and/or really famous people can experience. A few months ago I had a post about Louis Vuitton campaigns that featured the elite and the next name on the list is Sir Sean Connery, photographed by Annie Leibovitz. The ad, of course, is pure perfection and full of elegance, exactly what the name Louis Vuitton suggests and mean to most people, even if some wealthy or famous-for-being-famous teenagers run errands with their monogram bags on the streets of a metropolis near you.

Image source: Catwalk Queen


The song, the man, the film.

There are movies that are so complex they become legendary not only because of the screenplay and the cast but also because of the music, the scenes, the pictures, the costumes, everything. Robert Rodriguez's Desperado is on the list of these movies. Experts say the ending of a film is crucial but many filmmakers know the beginning is just as crucial. Remember James Bond movies, remember Kill Bill, etc. Desperado starts with probably the most famous and recognizeable Spanish language songs of film history, sang and played by the iconic Antonio Banderas, hero, idol and platonic love of generations and the scene itself... Everyone remembers it, even those who didn't like the film itself.
Video: CanciĆ³n del Mariachi


Simply the cats.

Today is World Animal Day so I recommend you a blog that, regarding its form is the ironic version of The Sartorialist but the pictures themselves feature cats and it's absolutely quality. Here are ome photos from The Catorialist...

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