Name this bag.

Celebrities have always been muses to designers and mere mortals so it's no wonder that when naming their latest bag, the greatest names turn to the most famous (and inspiring) names. Here is a short list of the bags that carry the name of a star.
1. The Hermès Birkin Bag

It is probably the most famous bag ever (even if it shares the imaginary throne with Chanel's 2.55), the symbol of luxury, the one that is so coveted that there is a waiting list for it that is over two years. Though it is considered an "It bag", you don't have to worry - it will never, ever go out of style and even if the price starts at $7,500, it's quite possible to think of it as an investment: the price of a Hermès bag increases with time.
Below, the muse:

2. The Marc Jacobs Stam

He is the most famous and popular young designer, the one almost every fashionista mentions when asked about their favourite creators. She is the Canadian supermodel who intoxicates everyone, male or female with her ice blue eyes. And there is the bag that looks good in the hands of a starlet, a teenager or a stylish business woman as well. It's much cheaper than a Birkin (costs about $1,300) but even if it's been around for a while, I'm not sure it still will be "in" 20 years from now.

3. Kooba Sienna

It is said to be the bag of boho chic, named after the queen of boho chic (even if she dislikes this title). Miss Miller herself was seen with her Kooba many times - no wonder why her followers (e.g. Great Britain's women and thousands of others) are dying for it.

4. Alexander McQueen Novak

McQueen is a desinger known for creating controversial and experimental items but his Novak bag (after actress Kim Novak, heroine of Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo) is rather classic. The simple yet fabulous design led to a Novak bag craze, especially since originally there were only 200 bags made.

5. Hermès Kelly

The fashion house is known for offering flawless and timeless elegance and their Kelly bag, dedicated to Grace Kelly is a perfect example. Its clean structure makes it desirable for wealthy ladies who also see it as an indicator that says without words: I am rich and I have power.

6. Mulberry Agyness

It was only a question of time when someone decides to baptise a bag "Agyness" since Deyn is not only the "girl of the moment", she is the most popular supermodel nowadays. From NYC to London and Tokyo, everyone seems to have a crush on her and her interesting style but I think the Agyness Bag is not extravagant enough to bear her name.


It runs in the family.

You obviously have some pressure on you when you are the daughter of Jane Birkin, actress, director and last but not least pop cultural icon. But there are these two girls who manage to live up to every expectations: Charlotte Gainsbourg and Lou Doillon.

Charlotte is an actress and singer who debuted on the screen as the daughter of Catherine Deneuve and have worked with directors like Franco Zeffirelli or Yvan Attal (who happens to be her husband and the father of her two children) and could be seen in film like 21 Grams, The Science of Sleep or I'm Not There. So far she has released two albums and sings a Bob Dylan song on the soundtrack album of the artist's biopic. Though she is half French and half English, her charisma gives the impression of a typical French lady who lives a harmonic life and has fashion in her blood (this one is not only an impression, it's a fact).

Judging by the things we can see and hear in the media, Lou Doillon is more like her mother. With her bohemian yet peaceful image and experimental fashion chocies many name her as their inspiration. She is someone - again, just like her mother - who is not a falling star on the sky of fashion; she is here to stay and prove: casual French chic is not only very much alive, it is stronger than ever.

And the indispensable Miss Birkin herself...

(The man in the pictures is the late Serge Gainsbourg)


Stolen from France.

It is a usual thing for US film makers to "steal" stories from Europe, especially from France (think Three Men and a Baby or The Man with One Red Shoe) and the infamous one child with more possible fathers theme.
1. Les Compères (ComDads)

With Gerard Depardieu and Pierre Richard, what else can you hope for than something really entertaining? The best way to make a funny movie is, of course, putting two absolutely different personalities together who have to collaborate to reach their goal - in this case, to find "their" son who fled home to hang out with some suspicious youngsters. Watching Depardieu in his 1983 shape and seeing Pierre Richard play the clumsy but loveable character we see him play in most of his famous movies is refreshing yet nostalgic.
2. Une chance sur deux

Since this movie is from 1998, it had to live up to the upcoming new century so it is full of action but obviously we have no doubt wether the lovely Vanessa Paradis will be saved by his tow possible fathers, played by a certain Alain Delon and Jean-Paul Belmondo and I would say it's a great movie, the only problem is what I dislike about all of these movies: the identity of the real father remains unknown to: a. the father-candidates (most of the time each of them are told they are the real but it would hurt the other/s/ too much to tell them the "truth" as well) b. the viewers. It seems like the happy end would be in danger if someone actually found out...
3. Mamma Mia!

And here it is, the latest, the American. I really loved this movie (putting apart the aforementioned disappointment in the end), ABBA was the perfect choice and it was wonderful to hear all those songs I've heard at least a thousand times suiting the plot of the movie (unfortunately I haven't seen the musical). Even if the end was really fast (think about the wedding), I loved it very much. It was a bit theatrical of course but you just have to get used to seeing that on the screen instead of the stage. And Meryl Streep... I don't think I have to finish this sentence. You all know she is simply fabulous.


Jean-Paul Gaultier.

In this post I will not tell you about Jean-Paul Gaultier's "usual" collections, instead I will write a few words about his work as a costume designer.

His most famous job was without a question Luc Besson's Fifth Element with the futuristic outfits and especially Milla Jovovich's bare "dress".

The first remarkable film he worked in was Peter Greenaway's brilliant (and at the time scandalous) The Cook the Thief His Wife & Her Lover with Helen Mirren and Michael Gambon. This movie's most famous outfit was the one that can be seen on the poster of the film:

A few after this came the City of Lost Children, with some "whimsically scary" costumes:

His latest project was Pedro Almodóvar's La Mala Educación (Bad Education) where - amongst others - Gaultier created the look of the transexual characters:

In brief we can say that Jean-Paul Gaultier is not afraid of the future and challenge when it comes to fashion and last but not least he always chooses to collaborate with directors who most of the time create unforgettable pieces that with the help of Gaultier's genious remain in the memory of everyone.


The Master and the Sunset.

When a famous person says something nice about your hometown, you obviously start to like him a bit more. But when named artist is legendary filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock, it is no wonder if you become obsessed with him. This is the case with the lovely people of Zadar who, in my opinion, are just inches away from a Hitchcock statue. The reason why the director of Psycho and other masterpieces is respected all around the city is because when he wanted to film a beautiful sundown somewhere, he followed the advice of actor Cliff Robertson and travelled to Croatia. The story of how the Zadar sunset enchanted him can be read on the beach, accompanied by a photo taken by a famous Zadar-based photographer:

For film lovers like me, the postcard with his face and famous statement is some kind of treasure:

To tell the truth, there is nothing strange about the fact that the Maestro found the sunset more wonderful that what he could experience in California; it really can not be described by words, it has to be seen, it has to witnessed - it is indeed so marvellous that one unintededly starts to admire nature for all its miracles even more.


Some art from Croatia. Part 2.

Setting apart paintings, here are some very original and enchanting scupltures:

A Picasso-esque lying woman. No need to explain why it impressed me so much.

This thinking philosopher with the shell can be seen in front of the Philosophy Department of Zadar University. Below you can see what a lovely sight helps him (and the university's stundents) answer the crucial questions of life.

An interesting creature that looks different from every angle:

And the face on the top of it:

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