The best era for comedies.

90's US comedies have a certain vibe I can't seem to get enough of. I just watched My Cousin Vinny and couldn't stop laughing. It was witty, ironic, with the happy ending that seemed more just than in any other new-era comedy.
This is what new light movies should be like but unfortunately most of the time sense of humour loses the battle against the sickening romance-glamour-sex triangle. Of course I don't say these three shouldn't be given a leading role, but why is it that what could be done in the 90s with Pretty Woman (that included this triangle and a lot of sense of humour), quite simply doesn't seem to find its way to our present days' comedies?


The beautiful spring.

Nothing better than a sunny day, travelling, looking out the window, observing the landscape/city and listening to Manu Chao.

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