...and he's back.

When two years ago Joaquin Phoenix announced he was retiring, I believed him. I was suspicious, but I did. Then, the whole craziness started - falling off the stage, the slightly scandalous Letterman appearance - and I didn't say anything. When you like and, dare I say, know someone so much, you just know. Just like I did. On Letterman, I knew it was a character - none of the usual gestures, none of the usual changes in his voice, nothing Joaquin. I remember my friend was sending me video links about Joaquin's latest act and I just said let's wait until the film comes out and you'll see.
It wasn't long ago that I sent named friend a link with recent photos of him (I was happier than ever to see him back to normal at the Venice Film Festival) and the link with his visit to Letterman.
Joaquin is like famiy to me - I basically grew up with him and I couldn't wait to see him again. And here he is, on Letterman again, as we know him, all those moves, all that tone, all those glances. He might be the best actor in the world but I still know when he's acting. And here, my friends, he is himself, that modest, shy boy I grew up with - and who is always eager to get off the show.

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