I ate, I loved, I prayed - and I came back.

Hello everyone, after more than 3 months without posting I am back again. Due to my rather exhausting working hours (48-50 hours per week paired with 24 hours of travelling) and my busy university schedule (I had to turn in my thesis and prepare for a few exams), I simply couldn't find the time to write here, or anywhere else for that matter.
But now here I am, with a brand new job that hopefully will let me have the freetime to enjoy life and my hobbies. To celebrate the beginning of what for me is a new - and once again, hopefully better - life, I watched Eat Pray Love last night.

The thing is, it was a hit in Spain and now everyone is reading the book on the metro and the promotion made me believe it was some light comedy so I must admit I decided to watch it for pure entertainment and had no intentions whatsoever to actually have thoughts provoked by this film. But I was wrong. And this time, it was a lovely disappointment. Eat Pray Love might not be heavy weight but it's also far from light. I couldn't avoid thinking while reading behind the lines and the great acting but all this, the fact that this movie actually has a profound meaning, it has something to say, didn't stop me from having a good time. I like how Italy is for eating, India is for meditation and Bali is for love in the film and I also love that despite the obvious beauty of these places the creators stayed away from the shallow let's-show-the-beach/monuments /pretty things-and-call-it-a-day shots. Some elements of the editing are also outstanding, and all in all I was surprised and overwhelmed by the quality the film presented.
And to think that I almost stayed away from such an experience because of some cash-oriented, misleading promotion! Now if only I could find out why despite loving the movie I do NOT feel the urge to read the book.........

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