Lestat de Lioncourt (a.k.a. The Vampire Lestat)

It's Halloween so I guess my instinct led me to watch The Vampire Lestat videos today though I really do not celebrate Halloween. Anyway, my love for Anne Rice and her vampires will never ever fade away, it started many years ago with Interview with the Vampire (the book) and went on with the sequels (oh, my beloved Memnoch the Devil and Merrick...) and, of course, the two movies. The first one, starring Brad Pitt as Louis and Tom Cruise as Lestat (and Antonio Banderas /Armand/, Kirsten Dunst /Claudia/) was perfect (no wonder, Rice wrote the screenplay) but the second, The Queen of the Damned... Well. Many Anne Rice-fans hate that movie for not being the interpretation of the book, The Queen of the Damned but I have always tried to watch it with different eyes. First of all, the actors. Late Aaliyah, divine Vincent Perez and Stuart Townsend, who, despite being a relatively unknown actor (especially comepared to his "wife", Charlize Theron) is wonderful, not only in this movie but in basically everything he's made (think Trapped; About Adam; The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen - he made me love villains and Dorian Gray even more).
But I am not here to write about it. What I want to write about one of the spooky videos Lestat has made (okay, that were made for Lestat while they were shooting TQotD). There are 3: Redeemer, System and Forsaken. My favourite is Forsaken and you can watch it HERE.
When I first saw the video it captured me and I couldn't set myself free ever since, not that I wanted to.
I have always thought it would be splendid if someone realized how scary those old horrors could have been when they were premiered and how scary a contemporary horror film would be made with that technique.
I am talking about Weine's Dr. Caligari that might seem ridiculous watched with 21st century eyes... So someone finally discovered it and not only Forsaken is made with that particular technique, it is also a kind of remake of Dr. Caligari's notable scenes:

(Sorry for the bad quailty, I had to take the stills myself...)
Forsaken is perfect and, of course, better than Caligeri - it sends the shivers down your spine, not because it's that "scary", of course it is a bit (at least not less scary than a usual horror), but it also has the irony. What makes it spooky is the fact that it is very dark, the lyrics are beautiful and thought wakening, and the discursive moves. Stuart's pretty face versus Lestat's brutally romantic murderer self is an excellent contradiction that actually works, since, you can never know who is a demon, literally and non-literally.
I do not want to write more, I could but I guess it's only me who's stupidly obsessed with the theme... So, as a finale, a trivia via IMDb:
Dr. Caligari writer Hans Janowtiz "claims to have gotten the idea for the film when he was at a carnival one day. He saw a strange man lurking in the shadows. The next day, he heard that a girl was murdered there. He went to the funeral, and saw the same strange man lurking around. He had no proof that the strange man was the murderer, but he fleshed the whole idea out into his film."


Mannequins, dolls, models. Whatever.

Once "living coathangers", now mannequin/doll/clown-like plastic lolitas: fashion pictures have always been significant art pieces (at least some of them) and they seem to go on and on. The problem is, not really uniquely so. Back in March 2007, I bought Italian Glamour and found a great series of photos: arty and beautiful. And now, in Numero's November issue an other splendind spread, this time with Coco Rocha (I envy her for her name...) and to me, the make up and some of the poses seem similar to the pics in Glamour...

Above: Numero
Below: Glamour

Though Coco is more plastic, I prefer the Italian one because the rest of the pics are wonderful (just like the other ones) and the outfits are actually wearable.

Numero pictures: Fashionista

PS. Joaquin is 33. Happy Birthday to him! :)


Karl again. It's just never enough of him!

Whenever the divine Karl Lagerfeld opens his mouth, the fashion world and the whole pop culture is swimming in joy - who could take over his fabulously ironic and always witty words and over the top style?
This time, he expressed his feelings about the retiring of legendary desginer Valentino: "He should continue. It's no fun, he will be bored". Karl has always said he would never ever give up fashion (thank God!) since it keeps him young (as he stated in the documentary Signe Chanel) and he would be bored without it: "All my contracts are for life, so I am like a death row inmate."
Anyway, he just couldn't stop being a bit critic about the celebrations of designers (he refused to have his own 25th Chanel anniversary celebration), in his lovely way of course:
"There were never any celebrations, there will never be any - I hate that. Fashion is about today and tomorrow, not about yesterday. If you have to be taken seriously because you have a heavy past, I don't think it's a good thing. I don't want to remember, I want to do things and go ahead."
How true. But you know Karl, when it comes to geniouses like you or Valentino, you DO deserve to be celebrated...

Valentino, Giancarlo Giammetti and Karl Lagerfeld

Source: CNN
Image via Lefigaro



You might think the Russian have way too much time to invent such things as Face your pockets but in fact, it is just an other cool way to improve your creativity. And who doesn't want to get scanned and be introduced to the world??

Face your pockets is a website where you can show yourself and - what a surprise - everything that's in your pockets/purse/clutch/whatever. All you have to do is grab a scanner and put the gadgets on its surface along with your face or at least a part of it a send it to a mail address that is given on the website, see the link above.

It is known that your stuff describes you in a way, so show the Universe what's in your pockets!



I've observed some similarities in this Glamour shot (taken in Milano, Italy) and on the can of my second fave Italian drink, Chinò by Sanpellegrino (the first one is San Benedetto). Check the shadows.

Oh, and I love this Chinò ad, so funny!! :)

For more info on Chinò check Chinò Site.

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