The charm of the hipster doofus.

I think it's safe to call anyone a liar if they have seen a scene with Kramer on Seinfeld and say Michael Richards isn't the best comical actor of all time (okay, maybe I'll settle with a "one of the" as well).
This performance is legendary and he played the character for 9 years, getting better and better with each episode.
Rewatching the series I still laugh at and with him the way I did for the first time and yes, I even watch certain scenes only for his sake.
While I love the other characters as well and find the series's philosophy extremely interesting, I can't stop thinking that without Michael Richards, it wouldn't have been enough.
Nowadays you can read many things on how new TV series have more quality acting-wise but the truth is, most of the actors on Seinfeld (not only Richards, but Jason Alexander as well and many others) give better performances than any other artist in today's series.
The worst thing about Seinfeld is that sometimes I worry my neighbours are disturbed by my laughter.


Coulda woulda shoulda.

When I see a bad movie, I usually say I didn't like it because it wasn't made the right way - the story was good, but something went wrong in the process. Other times I say it was bad because the story wasn't interesting or witty enough - could have been better. But I don't think I've ever seen a movie before that gave me the impression that it was a mistake even waste money and intellect on it. Sadly, Sofia Coppola's latest, Somewhere, is the first film that makes me feel this way.
The problem with Somewhere is that there are only traces of a story (a full-of-clich├ęs movie star's relationship with his daughter) and since it was too short to make a feature film, the creators decided to show endless sequences about a black Ferrari or just prolong the scenes until they are at least double the lenght of what they should be.

I understand Ms Coppola hadn't made a movie for a long time (maybe she forgot how to do so in the meantime?) but she should have developed this script before shooting something that's nothing more but a stub. Writing more drafts would have given the otherwise great actors not only more time on the screen but also the possibility of creating something as wonderful as Lost in translation.
The style is alright, the story is alright, the actors are more than alright, why couldn't they just wait some more to make it something better? Dear Sofia, what were you thinking?


Pure beauty.

A beautiful song and a beautiful video for today.


...and the tango is over.

Maria Schneider 1952-2011

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