Wicked Game.

Roland Barthes has always been one of my favourite philosophers - his thoughts, expressed in a light, entertaining yet thought-provoking way make it a pleasure to read any of his works and his intelligence is really something to envy.
Yet, when I came upon his 1979 work entitled A lover's discourse, all my already existing respect and admiration increased; this book, about love, about various aspects and situations of love and, of course, about lovers themselves, is, quite simply, perfect. I think none of the help yourself books and seminars have meaning after reading this book - it might not have the answers but it describes feelings so perfectly it sends shivers down one's spine. And all this written by a man more than 30 years ago!
How strange yet amazing that nothing has changed over the years - people love, people suffer while others just leave behind.

"The fatal identity of the lover is nothing more than this: I am the one who's waiting."

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