I love it that Muse shows the going-mad-for-you side of love that is dark, bitter yet feels so good sometimes. This song is one of their masterpieces with lyrics filled with obsession - but don't we all fall in love so much some time during our lives that we basically become addicted to that person...? As if that person was a drug and you can only LIVE if he's around and when he's not... well... you only exist.
I know to some this kind of love might sound too consuming to some but the truth is, this is the only kind of love that is worth living. Wasn't it Arthur Miller who said the majority of people live in 50-60% relationships? Ever since I've heard this theory, I decided I would only settle for something that is 100%. This does not mean perfection, this means that you are completely attached to that person emotionally. And when you find this kind of love, it might hurt but still, it's wonderful.

Muse - Time Is Running Out


If the man in my life is the only person for whom I would wake up at 7 am, Evgeni Plushenko is the only one for whom I would stay up until 6 am - and so I did, to root for him on this year's Winter Olympics. There many debates out there about whether or not Evan Lysacek deserved the gold - I am partial so I definitely say he didn't - this post is not going to be about that. Or at least not exactly.
All I can say is, what when Plushenko does it seems natural and instinctive, in the case of Lysacek seems prepared and artificial. Plushenko is a genious who was born to skate, I think no-one, regardless to what they think about the results of this specific competition can deny that.
Below, one of my personal favourites - his long programme at the Salt Lake City Winter Olypics, 2002


Style translates.

When I heard that Tom Ford is about to make a movie, I got really excited. Now that I've already seen it - I must say, I am impressed. I wouldn't say it's a dynamic movie, I wouldn't say it's exciting - no. In fact, it is quite slow but this is the beauty of it. You get the impression (and this impression might actually be the truth) that Mr. Ford designed each and every one of the frames, all the tiny little details, from pink cigarettes to the way Colin Firth walks and all these things, paired with the beautiful music equals an exceptionally beautiful and thought-provoking movie... or not, maybe it is not even a movie, it is more like an art piece - and for that, I would say it's a masterpiece.



Picture of the week.

Jack Nicholson, by Annie Leibovitz for Vanity Fair.


The one who showed us fashion really was art...

... Alexander McQueen. My heart is bleeding.


Let's die a little.

Those who like photography often compare Mantegna's Cristo Muerto to a picture taken of Che Guevara's dead body. This comparison has been made by - amongst others - Susan Sontag, Hungarian photographer Gellér B. - and David Bowie. I like the latter's version the most - so artistic, so cool, so Bowie.

David Bowie - Lodger:


Another movie post.

After my huge disappointment, I practically spent the last week in the cinema, watching all the movies I could to get over my slight cinematographic depression. Now I can say I have seen all the movies available in English right now and I still long for something as thought-provoking, extraorinary and outstanding as the new Coen movie. Here is the 3+1 list of my latest experiences on the field of the big screen.

1. Nine
I've been waiting for this film for such a long time and maybe it was the problem - I know musical fans would call it a deadly sin but I must admit I loved the move except for the songs - some had nice lyrics though. Anyway, the actors were fantastic of course and the film itself was good, the atmosphere was similar to 8 e mezzo and I guess this was the point. But please, why is it that the songs are so lame? Not a single tone to remember.

2. Invictus
The new Clint Eastwood movie with Matt Damon and Morgan Freeman. It was a nice watch but nothing really special. Again, the actors saved it all.

3. The Road
With Viggo Mortensen, Charlize Theron, Robert Duvall and Guy Pierce it is yet again a film with great talents but with not really much to say. I basically still can't get it, it was not touching, it was not thought-provoking, it was quite simply very dark and very sad. I would say the creators tried way too hard to create something moving but due to these efforts they failed.

+1: The Hurt Locker
I would have never ever watched it if I didn't see Ralph Fiennes's name on the poster. And then what do I get? A war movie where Mr. Fiennes appears for about 3 minutes and then dies. The same could be told about Guy Pierce. I think this is nothing else but cheating - a dirty way to attract viewers to the cinema because they know otherwise no-one would watch it. Especially since the word of mouth of the movie is awful. So are the reviews. What on Earth is this film doing amongst the best this and that nominees for the Oscars...???


Disappointment of the week.

I finally settled down in my new place, of course there are some unpacked things left... But the good news is, now I am only a 3 min walk away from Reina Sofía, the museum that gives home to dozens of Picassos, including Guernica!
Plus, now my favourite cinema is closer as well and last week I watched Sherlock Holmes. I expected a lot from this movie, not only because the actors are wonderfully talented but also because I like Guy Ritchie and the story itself is interesting as well. However, what I saw on the big screen was anything but interesting - in fact, it was so boring I had to force myself not to fall asleep. The film in one word is terrible, with overwrought jokes, a flat plot and the constant feeling in my heart that it could have been so much better. Even Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law were tame!
Anyway, every bad movie has some good features of course and I must admit the music is fantastic - only it needs a way better movie.

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