Buen Retiro.

I went to Retiro Park last Sunday and I must tell you, it's even more beautiful than I expected (and I expected a lot). It's huge and every little park in the huge park is a different world, not to mention the fountains, the lakes, the gardens... I think I'll go every Sunday, I still haven't seen most of the park, I want to discover, to picnic, to read... I want it all.


Picture of the week.

I know many people say Sofia Coppola is rather and out-of-the-world beauty than a classical one, but still, I find her more beautiful than most current starlets. This is why I chose this photo, featured in Another Magazine, this week's Picture of the week.

Source: Fashionista


Life through a lens & Picture of the week.

Sorry for the week-long hiatus, as my internet connection gets more stable and my life starts to get some balance, I will try to post more and more. I promised in my last post that I would write a little bit more about Annie Leibovitz and now is the time. There was an exhibiton about her works here in Madrid and it was quite successful - no wonder.

I have to admit, even if I have always liked her works, I wasn't really familiar with those of her photos that did not depict famous people. However, I did know about her relationship with Susan Sontag, therefore I was moved by the huge amount of photographs she took of her during their happy days and during the time of Sontag's illness and dying. Yet, the pictures of her family - and here I should write the very same words, the happy days and the dying of her father - were even more touching, if it's possible.
Now I no longer just like Leibovitz, I admire her. Not only as a photographer, but also as a person who is so sensible and pays so much attention to those around her, she is capable of taking photos so beautiful that they say more than a thousand words.
Picture of the week: Leonardo DiCaprio with a swan, photo by Annie Leibovitz


Picture of the week - part 14.

Johnny Depp and Kate Moss, photo by Annie Leibovitz. More on her later.


Oh happy day.

Finally we found a flat so I'm not homeless anymore. I haven't seen the city so far but I'm trying to do so in the nesxt few days. I went to the university, it's amazing, with fountains and lots of green. Here's a picture, but in reality it's even more wonderful.


Greetings from Madrid.

Hey everyone, I'm still alive and still homeless, currently living in a windowless little room and yesterday had to take a shower in socks to avoid infections... Yet, the city is beautiful, I hope I'll be able to post soon and more.


Big news and picture of the week.

So, everyone, the big news is I'm moving to Madrid for a few months to study journalism! Needless to say I'm scared to death, especially since I don't even have a flat yet... But on the other hand, I'm super excited.
Due to this, I don't know when I'll have an Internet connection, hopefully really soon, but here's the picture of this week anyway.

I found it at Instyle.com and it's a photo of Sarah Jessica Parker in the Sex and the City movie sequel. Although I do admit the first movie was a bit dumb (and here I am talking about the plot and nothing else), I did like seeing my beloved characters and their amazing outfits. As for this particular photo, I can only say I'm loving it very much!

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