Prelude...to tragedy.

Back when I was a young teenager, I was crazy for a Finnish band called HIM. Their songs approached love from a different, darker, more painful and, oh yes, more sexual angle than any other song I heard before (of course, later I learnt that it was not just them but a whole genre... however, I still think they are the best) and I loved them to death.
But times change and most of the bands I listened to then belong to my past now but the first two albums by HIM are still with me... And the following song, from Razorblade Romance tells me more now than it did before. Listening to the lyrics as a more mature person I discovered their more profound meaning that still fits my emotions up to a certain level.
So, now I think I Love You (Prelude to Tragedy) is about a person who doesn't like easy love - who gets bored if he gets what he wants. Who believes that the more he has to fight for someone's love, the better. All this and an excellent musical background - how could I ever give up HIM...?

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