Childhood heroes - series, part III

The third series I used to love and watch as a child is the one I still love and watch - because in my country the final season is still to be released. Since its start, I have seen probably all the episodes of ER. Despite all the hospital series that followed it (and sometimes maybe happened to be more popular - temporarily) could be more entertainingly thought provoking and touching. As the years passed, the cast members became well-known regulars in our home and we always hailed newcomers (there were so many!) with interest yet a little suspicion behind. Later, of course, they became those well-known members as well, with only a few exceptions.
The cameos were something to look out for, too. The most memorable for me is John Leguizamo's just-gone-mad doctor - he not only proved his genious talent but also made me realize how much I like him in his other films.
Now that ER has come to and end (though, as I sad, not yet for me), it has become history. And I must say, I am quite comfortable with that.


Anonymous said...

Noooooooooo! :(((

Orsolya Ott said...

I'm sorry, dear Anonymous, but this is my blog, my childhood, my used-to-be favourite series. And the fact that I still like them for various reasons - let it be a purely nostalgic emotion or real devotion - is also something that I have the right to feel/do. Since we are not equal beings (huge cliché but after all, this is what makes us unique, right?), I can't even try to write this blog so that everyone likes it. Instead, I try to do something I like. And if others happen to like it too, completely or partly, that's a great benefit. But I don't think I want or can live up to the expectation of not continuing a series I chose to start just because someone says they might not read my blog again. Sorry.

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