All that's left behind.

When it comes to love, there are two types: the classic 'loving' love songs and the hopeless and/or post-break up kind if songs with usually strong performes who might give strength to those in need as well. Actually, I like both types if they are well written, composed and, of course, performed. Here are my three favourite songs of the latter category.

1. Johnny Cash - Cry, cry, cry
The voice, the myth and the beautiful lyrics about a rather abusive woman - I recommend it if you're in a similar situation. If not, I only recommend ot for your ears - and for your soul.

2. Madonna - You'll see
I love this song not only for the lyrics but also for the minimalism in the music - Madonna's voice is clear and it's sending shivers down your spine. Plus, the video is also something to remember...

3. Bambino - Cuando nadie te quiera
There are many other versions of this song but none of them is this dynamic. The title means "when nobody loves you" and below are the lyrics.

When nobody loves you, when everyone forgets you,
you'll return to the road where I am;
you'll return like the others, with your soul in pieces,
to look for some faith in my heart.

When there is nothing left of your pride
and the light of your eyes starts to fade;
then we will talk about our love,
and you'll learn that my kisses you always despise
will make you cry.

When nobody loves you, when everyone forgets you,
and the implacable fate wants to see your end;
I'll be on the road where you left me,
with my arms wide open and immortal love.

Because I want you to know that I bear you no malice,
and through my mother I had learnt to forgive
and once you learn about my broken lives,
even if you don't want to, even if no-one wants to,
you'll have to adore me.

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