I say, WHAT?!?

It seems Scarlett Johansson is in all the ad campaigns nowadays, not that I have a problem with it, I really like her, but when I heard she will be my favourite high-street brand's latest face, now that was when I said it was something less than perfect.
The truth is, my only problem with her upcoming Mango campaign(s?) is that she might be an "extraordinary personality, fun, young
" but if you ever happened to see any paparazzi photos of her street style (and now is the time to acknowledge that yes, I have seen many of those), you might now that her choice of outfits in real life is anything but similar to Mango's - in fact, she is often boyish and - may I say - baggy. Mango is something more elegant, something more sophisticated than a multi-pocket pair of trousers and a tank top. I do admit her outfits at various events are most of the time (we've all seen the exceptions...) like what I imagine Mango-stlye but otherwise...
And now I stop, I do not want to say anything worse of one of my favourites.

Source: WWD

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