Marc. Not that one.

The thing with Franz Marc's The Madrill is that first you might not even see the mandrill itself, but once you discover it, you can't not see it anymore. And this is what I feel sorry for - I would like some moments of not-understanding again, I want to see nothing else but the colours, I want to admire it, but all this is no more, there is only the mandrill. This is, as Oscar B├Ątschmann says, a problem - it suggests that the important thing is the mandrill itself and not the way it is depicted. But if it's true (and I do not think it is, I love Picasso after all...), why not hang a simple photograph of a mandrill in a museum instead of Marc's painting...? This idea, that might as well could cause artlessness, is as frightening to me as... well, you know that dream when you keep falling towards the ground?

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