Top 3: Bill Murray.

One thing's for sure: you may or may not love Bill Murray, but you have something to say about him. And even if I belong to the first catergory, I do admit he has some silly movies I don't like. In my opinion he is like Billy Bob Thornton (my big favourite) who, after taking some serious and quality roles just happens to make some awful ones (Astronaut Farmer, remember?). However, these valuable films make me love them so much, I kind of forgive them the not-so-good choices.
So here is my top 3 of Bill Murray movies...

1. Lost in Translation
This Sofia Coppola piece smells like life probably more than any other movie I have ever seen. It's really nothing special but a story that could happen to anyone else and it actually does on a certain level - we all meet strangers during our travels and leave them behind, even if we have developed some kind of emotion for them. Two Americans in Japan, a totally different world with totally different people, yet they seem to love it more together than the world they got used to with their loved ones. Masterpiece.

2. Groundhog Day
I couldn't tell you how many times I have seen Groundhog Day but believe me, the number is high. It's always something new, something touching and over all, something incredibly funny - you just can not get enough of the humour, of the characters and of that one day that seems to be never-ending. Also, it is a romantic movie and if I wanted to be philosophical (which I do not want to be right now), I could say it's thought wakening as well. Just watch it (again) and you will get my point.

3. His cameo in The Darjeeling Limited
I know practically it's not a Bill Murray movie since he only appears for a few minutes yet I think the way he appears is quite simply brilliant. I was hesitating whether to put an other Wes Anderson film, The Royal Tenenbaums here, but I just couldn't stop myself from posting this cameo.
The thing is with this scene that it has nothing to do with the plot itself - it just introduces one of the main characters. Also, there is a similar scene in the end, just to give you some frame experience.
Here is a link to the video, the scene starts at 0:21. Enjoy!

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