Childhood heroes - series, part II

Just one word: Magnum. Its original meaning is "great" (in Latin) and there is also an ice-lolly with this name. But for me, and for many this word is actually a name, the name of Thomas Magnum, a private investigator who lives in Hawaii in the luxurious house of a famous writer. He shares this apartment with the major domo, Higgins and the two dogs, Zeus and Apollo. Just like Dallas, Magnum P.I. forms a significant part in my childhood and my memories of it as well and it's also the example of the series that are always funny to rewatch, no matter what.
Witty humour, interesting stories and cases, exciting action, pretty women (of course, it's needed, right? but kudos for the creators for actually using stylish women - most of the time), a red Ferrari, Tom Selleck (who was one of the biggest stars at the time and later in the '90s as well) and the indescribable atmosphere of the series that makes me sit down and watch its episodes over and over again when they're on TV every once in a while.

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Anonymous said...

ok, its the time of extortion. if you continue the series you will lose a reader (me) :DDD

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