Something's gotta give

Most of the time I consider Nancy Meyers's movies the 'you watch them once and never again' kind of movies - light, funny but not too much to tell. The only exception is Something's gotta give that I still adore to watch over and over again though I have already seen it at least a dozen times.
The cast (Jack Nicholson, Diane Keaton, Amanda Peet, Keanu Reeves) speaks for itself and the story is not the usual romance you can find in any Hollywood creations: despite focusing on teenage love or single women in their 30s looking for the perfect man, the troubled couple in love is the 50-something writer and the 63 year old playboy who originally dated named writer's twenty-something daughter (because he refuses to date anyone over 30).

It's not only the plot that's outstanding; the humour, the lines, everything is entertaining and witty. Unfortunately, probably due to the 'elderly romance', the film is rather unknown but believe me, it's a must-see!
There is not a single moment in it that's boring and unlike most of the light comedies, it really makes you think (but not in the depressive way - it makes you laugh at yourself, for example, when Erica cries and cries because Harry has left her, can happen to any of us).

What else to say...? Go and watch it. :)

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