Rest in Peace - Heath Ledger, 1979 - 2008

I think the whole world has gone through a shock that could only be compared to the tragical deaths of James Dean, Jim Morrison, John Lennon and other legendary artists when the news of Heath Ledger's passing had started to emerge.

A wonderful person, a great artist, a man with quirky but attractive style and the golden statue of what we might call cool daddy in the 21st century has left this world and us and life seems unbearably long to be spent without his exciting presence in the film industry, not to mention his smile that could turn even the bad days sunny.
All this, and a lot more is gone with his unexpected death. It's a shock we will never be able to get over.

Losing someone at this age is never easy, but this time it is particularly hard. My heart goes out to his daughter, beautiful Matilda and to all his family and friends.
I have never thought I would have to write this one day...
Heath Ledger, rest in peace.

'Heath and Matilda' image credit: Splash News Online

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