Dream a little dream of me

Okay, I promise I won't blog about movies for a while (maybe a week...?) but I've just seen Cassandra's Dream and I feel the need to talk about it (by the way, I am up to watch Atonement so I might break my word for a few lines about that...).

For your information, it's the new Woody Allen film and, of course, it is brilliant. The atmosphere is a bit Match Point-like but it does not mean the film itself is like Match Point. No, it is way different. It's not a love story (not really actually, since there are girls in it): it's about what some are prone to do for family, for money, for both.
We have two brothers (Ewan McGregor and Colin Farrell, needless to say, good acting skills guaranteed in the film)who can't make their way to success: Terry (Farrell) is a gambler and Ian (McGregor) has had a lot of businesses, all of them are over and is planning to start a new one. Debts lead them to ask money from the family 'cow' they have milked a thousand times: uncle Howard, millionaire. But when he happens to ask something from the men, they gotta think it over a few times whether they are able to do him the favor: he asks them to kill someone.

But, unlike in many movies, the point is not really if and how they commit it: nooo, the Maestro is more complicated than that.
I am not into telling about the plot, so more about the details... Another movie in London (he seems to be bored of old NYC), another movie without him as a star (he usually stays away from starring in his dramatic works). The score is wonderful again (but my favourite is still the music from The curse of the Jade scorpion), the pictures are beautiful (taken by Hungarian artist Vilmos Zsigmond - pure genious!) and the screenplay is the usual perfection.
To quote The White Stripes, "I don't care what other people say, I'm gonna love you anyway", Woody and I know I am not the only one.
In sum: if you like dramas (and this one is not a light thing, it's really hard to 'digest'), this one is for you.

PS. I am still anxiously waiting for his Barcelona project, especially because Barcelona is one of my fave cities in the world (and I don't have too many)!

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