Best cover. Ever.

Usually I don't believe it is possible to declare something the "best album ever", "best band ever" and so on because there are different fields, different artists, therefore it would not be sincere.
But I used to be a HIM fan for years before their last three albums disappointed me and basically, I still like their FIRST three albums and know every song by heart. While the "diabolical romance" thing is not my cup of tea, I do think they used to make beautiful, sensitive, arty and valuable gothic rock music (not really sure about the genre though, it's too complex to be so) before they, in my opinion, unintentionally have become radio-friendly and pop music like and forgettable (but, not that forgettable, since as I have already said, their first three albums are anything but that).

And now, years and years after first listening to the album version of Wicked Game (it can be found on the first album, Greatest Love Songs Vol. 666.), I do think if I say this Chris Isaak cover is "the best cover of all time" to me, it's something I will confirm again and again. Not only because I like Ville Valo's deep voice more than Isaak's and not only because the lyrics are wonderful and the instruments, oh God, now that is what I imagine when I think of 'rock', even if it's not really accurate - I can't help it.
Not only is Wicked Game a good cover, not only is it better than the original, no. It is something that, compared to the Chris Isaak version, is like comparing an elephant to a mouse. I respect Isaak and even like some of his songs but what these Finnish guys made back in the 1990s to his song is something very few (if any) artists can do to a well-known song: make most people think the original is just a pityful testing version.
Here it is, the video (okay, this is not the best one, and remember: men wearing earrings was fashionable back then) but for the best result, I suggest you listen do the song in stereo, good quality.
HIM - Wicked Game Video

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Janie said...

I have to say that i disagree wholeheartedly! But hey each to his own. and mine is Chris Issacs. Interesting blog btw.

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