Well, after months of uninspiredness, it seems quite refreshing that it's my third post today. But I doubt it is due to spring since it's snowing here...
Anyway, Google loves to remember us to some great people or events with various but always lovely drawings remember the Pavarotti one following his death:

and now they feature Hungarian composer Béla Bartók:
(He was born on the 25th of March, 1881). Just like Ferenc Liszt or Zoltán Kodály, he is known worldwide and though I love his compositions in general, my favourite is his one-act opera, Bluebeard's castle - beautiful lyrics (written by Béla Balázs) and the story, of course, is beautiful (for your information: there are 7 rooms and the lady, who is the wife of the Prince opens each door:
1. The torture chamber
2. The armory
3. The treasury
4. The garden
5. The kingdom
6. The pool of tears
7. The wives
and finally, Judit /the lady/ falls, just like the Prince's previous wives and remains nothing else but a memory in the 7th chamber with the other women).

Dear Google, more drawings please! It's so touching to remember.

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