Anthony Minghella

A rest in peace post is always sad, especially when it is about someone who could have lived and given the world more than their time has allowed them.
Anthony Minghella, whom I have always respected and considered one of my favourite directors, died at age 54.

He was the man who gave us The English Patient (about a Hungarian count, László Almássy), The Talented Mr. Ripley (and Jude Law with his so far best performance ever) or Cold Mountain, just to mention his most famous movies - he was the man who gave emotions the way only very few directors can.

He will be missed not only as a director, but as a friend, a relative, a great man with an outstanding imagination.

To quote one of the posters of The English Patient - in memory, love lives forever. But when it comes to death, in love, memory lives forever. And Anthony Minghella will never be forgotten.

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