The most famous but not the best.

Just like in basically every field of art, there are some legends in fashion, too and Chanel No. 5 is without a doubt the most legendary fragrance in fashion history.
First introduced in 1921, Chanel No. 5 (for your information: 5 was Coco Chanel's lucky number) was planned to be the most expensive perfume in the world.

And, of course, after Marilyn Monroe claimed she wore nothing else in bed but Chanel No. 5, every woman wanted to have it. Actually, the fragrance is so legendary (I can't find a better word to describe it), it is included in the expression of suspicion: "Something smells here - and it ain't Chanel No. 5!
" (can you feel the Hamlet thing in it as well as I do?).

But I have to say, no matter how much I adore Chanel and legends, I can't love the scent of No. 5. For a while I thought I was the only one who couldn't respect it but this morning I heard two girls chatting about fragrances and they agreed No. 5 was "stinking". Though in my opinion this word is unduly harsh to describe anything Chanel, I do think No. 5 should stay in the bottle (unless you're 80 and over and want to smell like the stereotypical old lady).
Legends should be respected and they should not be forgotten but... And here I stop before I say something mean about Chanel and its wonderfully historic No. 5.

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