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Though when it comes to music I usually opt for classical or simply non-contemporary music, there are some artists I just can't have enough of. I particularly like British pop music though nowadays there are so many Brit pop bands around I can't remember all of them. But there are three contemporary bands I respect and like for their own style (that is followed by many new bands). In music, style for me means the music itself, the lyrics, the way the band members look (and I'm not talking about being handsome or not), the videos and the mood of the concerts. Here are my 3 favourite videos from my 3 favourite contemporary British pop bands:

1. Oasis - The Importance of Being Idle

Starring Rhys Ifans, this video is just perfect. Ironic, black and white, great muscial-like moves and the music and lyrics, of course... It is my favourite music video EVER.

2. Franz Ferdinand - Do You Want To

These Scottish men are - for me - the best band on Earth nowadays. All their songs and the aforementioned ingredients of style get the maximum point and this video is not only witty, it is also the kind of piece of music that makes you get in the party mood, no matter what - even if for only that 3:35 mintues it lasts.

3. Coldplay - The Scientist

Their name equals quality, sensitivity and charity (they are into many charity projects and I think it is a great thing to support good causes not only with money but also with your name, this way encouraging others to do something good too). This video is sad and many say it is only loved by women (I don't believe it's true)... Anyway, it's good and the way it was made (going backwards) makes it special.

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