I love bipoics, especially about artists and Frida is without a doubt one of the best biographical movies. It is not only the story of the world's probably most recognizable and most famous female painter's but also the story of a woman who lost so much in her life she had it all to give up but she resisted. It also about a passionate romance, a love that despite all the infidelities remains a flame that can not be tamed - it is touching to see a man love a woman this much, regardless of all her physical problems.

Frida is a beautiful film, very touching and, of course, the perfect cast has a great role in this. Salma Hayek as Frida is incredibly authentic, not to mention my all-time favourite Alfred Molina who is simply brilliant as always. Geoffrey Rush, Ashley Judd, Edward Norton and Antonio Banderas also have smaller but valuable appearances so you can understand why Frida could simply NOT turn out to be a bad movie.

But it is also interestingly made, sometimes painting-like, sometimes surreal and the Academy Award-winning music is marvellous. Julie Taymor knows what to do and she doesn't fail to do it the best way it is possible.

PS: I also recommend you to check Frida Kahlo's paintings, they are unsettling and appalling.

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Shae said...

In responce to your opening...
Or a woman that loved a man so much that even though she had enough pain in her life she chose to stay loving a man who had sex with many other women regularly and had sex with her sister and didnt show respect for her as his wife in that manner. Then she still took him back.

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