Team Rasputin.

Back when ABBA and Boney M. were the greatest star on the sky of pop music, young fans were divided: you were either team ABBA or team Boney M. The reason was also the similarity in their music, yet there are a lot of unique elements that make both groups easily recognizeable. And even if I like ABBA and their songs, I have to say I somehow prefer Boney M. With all the myth behind them (like the hearsay that singer was not really singing and they used someone else's voice), the witty lyrics (I know, ABBA has some as well, they are not as hilarious as theirs!) and the song about also legendary Rasputin made the choice obvious. On a sidenote, don't you just think that Boney M.'s Rasputin was a response for ABBA's Waterloo...? However, I prefer the lover of the Russian queen.

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