Art? Yeah, right.

I know modern art is famous for considering basically anything art, yet there are some things, some "creations" I just can not call art. At all.

1. Kasimir Malewitsch's Red Square
Although he has a Black square as well, and only God knows how many other works like that, the Red Square is the most famous (and now I can not write "no wonder why").
I think these pieces are only good for one thing: to determine where art starts. Clearly, if you say art can be a simple yet interesting idea (and by interesting I mean interesting at first sight, then years pass without you thinking of it), this period in Malewitsch's oeuvre can be considered art as well. But for me, art is not just an idea. In fact, it is the idea, the process of creating and the result, what the result gives me, what it makes me feel, think, say or anything else. The result might not even reflect the idea but it only makes it more exciting. So putting a red square on a white canvas might had been a good and interesting idea in 1915, it does not give me anything. If I saw it in a museum I would not even care to watch it closely.
I wonder why Malewitsch didn't put the words "this is not art" under his squares (รก la Magritte) to give us something more to think of.

2. Barnett Newman
Now this man had an idea and it seems he decided never to have an other one. I understand stuff like this would look good in some super-stylish and modern living room, but why spend so much on it if you can do it yourself or, let's say, buy it at an IKEA near you. It truly is the case when, if you give a sketch to a kid to color it, he'll do it just as artistically as Newman did. My teacher once said Barnett Newman might seem mad at first, but with time he'll grow on you. Well, I must say that for me, years after first hearing his name, he still is nothing else but a man with an idea.

Barnett Newman - Adam and Eve

3. 4'33" by John Cage
Well, as I always say, John Cage is the Barnett Newman of music. Or maybe a little more, or less. His "compositions" similar to this one might include instruments, yet they lack any tone. Just "listen". Or, to use a Depeche Mode reference, enjoy the silence.

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Anonymous said...

LOL! My friend showed my some of Newman's work.. If it is even called work! We get it, the brush strokes and heavy colour shows Adam's or even mens' general characteristics! An idiot could figure it out and use a brush for it! Made me laugh. A lot!

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