Meravigliosa creatura.

Some people say Italian pop music only had two good moments, one is called "Lasciatemi cantare" and the other is "Sarà perché ti amo" by Ricchi e Poveri. Well, all I have to say is these people certainly do not know the name of Luciano Ligabue and/or have never heard the Gianna Nannini song, Meravigliosa creatura. But these two artists are the proof that Italian music (by this, I mean music in Italian by Italian people) does deserve to be mentioned, loved and remembered.
In my opinion, Meravigliosa creatura is something ethereal, something that always makes me feel love, pure and not naive yet out-of-the-world love, and not necessarily for one particular person but in general. Let's just put it this way, it makes me get in the mood for love (actually, as I was writing this I realized the mood this song gives me is very similar to the mood the movie, In the mood for love gives me).
The music speaks for itself, but here are some lines from the lyrics:
"I will cross many seas and rivers
In your land I will find myself again
I will ride whirls and storms
I will fly through the light
To have you

Wonderful creature, you are the only one in the world
Wonderful fear, to have you near
Sun-eyes burn my heart
Wonderful love and life"

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