Songs from the past.

I believe I have already mentioned how much I loved biographies, especially autobiographies (and biopics). However, after reading tons of them, I got used to quality and never-before-seen photos, yet somehow Marlon Brando's autobiography managed to surprise me. Not only because it's more than 500 pages (at least the Hungarian edition, I can not say anything about the others) but also because there are no words to describe how exciting, interesting and thoght-provoking it is. Even if you are not a Brando fan, this book, with stories from his private and professional lives, random thoughts about the world, the tale of him becoming an intelligent actor from - let's face it - a not high-educated yet very sensitive young man and 'cameos' of such legends as Marilyn Monroe, James Dean or Montgomery Clift make it something very special and hard to forget.
It is almost like a very well-written novel (though I have to add that it is not or not only Brando who should be given credits for that) you won't be able to put down. I know I am someone who reads a lot and basically fast, yet more than 100 (A4) pages per day is a lot, even for me.
So... what else is there to say? If you think of something to read while on holiday, I highly recommend Songs My Mother Taught Me. It might not be light when it comes to the book itself, but the content is funny, witty, philosophic and extraordinary.

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