Childhood heroes - series, part I

When I think of my childhood, I inevitably run into Dallas over and over again. When we wanted to have a family reunion, we could never have it on Firday around 8 p.m. because of Dallas. Then there is the Completa ad saying "Coffee without Completa is like Dallas without Bobby" (this line was later changed to Dallas without Jockey, due to notes made by watchers). Then, there is one of the nation's most important newspaper's headline stating "Bobby's back!", after he had to return to the series, once again, because watchers wanted him to. I could also mention my great-grandmother who, whenever she saw Jockey Ewing on the screen said "abominable" in a very unique tone. All these memories, and a lot more related to the series that is, without a question, the most influential of all times. Also, it was one of the longest (it was on for 13 years!) so I also remember asking my mother as a kid "who's Jock?" and the answer was "oh, I think he died before you were born".
I don't think I have to make any other comments - you either know Dallas or not. If you do, you probably know exactly what I'm talking about. If you don't (what I strongly doubt), it's impossible to explain it anyway. Dallas is the symbol of an era, and it's also one if the very few series that are good to watch even decades after they were originally on air.

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