The Lady in the Lake.

I love reading a lot, but not even I could bare reading only serious, hard-to-digest works that have to be thought over and over again. This is why I undecidedly developed a method: one serious book and then one not-so-serious. But not serious here does not mean silly bestsellers but classic bestsellers by writer giants such as Agatha Christie. And, in my opinion, if you like Agatha Christie (and Hungary's very own Jenő Rejtő, also known as P. Howard), it's only a question of time until you take a Raymond Chandler into your hands, unless you start the whole circle with him.
His most famous novel is, without a question, The Lady in the Lake. What I like about detective novels - and Chandler is no exception - is that they are unpredictable. And even if I, trained by Christie, Columbo and other detective stories, suspected a little part of the ending, I must say it was an excellent read with a certain tension in it, not to mention the always growing excitement about how the more and more attached details will finally form a whole in the end.

However, there is an other Chandler work I like, even if it's just the movie version of it: The Big Sleep, this legendary piece of the film noir era, starring Humphrey Bogart and the magnificent Lauren Bacall is not only a great movie, but it also contradicts those who say movies of past times are just boring and slow steps that had to be taken to arrive here.


Martina Georgieva said...

I absolutely love your blog. I think I have looked through all of your posts. I did not think that there was another 20 year old girl who held such an appreciation for movies such as "Breathless" and "Manhattan" amongst other Woody Allen flicks. With each post that I read of yours, I became ever more astonished how many similar likes we shared: marc jacobs, La Mome, Oscar Wilde, Lautrec, and a common disdain for posh! Perhaps it has something to do with us both being from Eastern Europe- myself from Bulgaria. Congrats. Keep it up!

Orsolya Ott said...

Dear Martina, thank you for the comment and the compliment, I am glad you enjoy reading my blog and especially that it is about things you love.

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