I know I haven't been blogging for a while and I really don't have a good excuse for it. Last time I made a promise and a nice commenter reminded me that I failed to keep it. I am sorry for it and instead of making new promises (you know that Soul Asylum song: 'one more promise I couldn't keep'), I decided to write about a film I just watched and it left me sad, and all this after really good laughs.
This movie is Marley & Me, with Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson. First of all, let me tell you how much I love Owen Wilson for his numerous roles, starting from The Royal Tenenbaums through You, Me and Dupree to The Darjeeling Limited. His characters tend to be similarly silly yet adorable and, of course, unbearably funny and this is what makes him good even in movies that are not so good.

As for the film itself, there is one thing I have to confess: I knew I would end up crying like a baby. Onscreen, for me it doesn't matter if the whole cast is killed brutally until the pets get rescued. And with Marley & Me, the dog couldn't be saved. But despite knowing all this before watching the film, I can honestly say I have not laughed out this hard in months - the first two third of the film is impeccably funny and free of all clich├ęs. Then, the last third was so sad I can honestly say I have not cried because of a movie for... well, actually, I have never cried this much. I should be ashamed of it, too but who doesn't have at least a little teardrop in his eyes after watching Marley & Me has no heart.
I would recommend it to everyone, it's a good film, an even better lesson, and you will cry, cry, cry, just to quote Johnny Cash. First you'll cry of laughing, then you'll cry of sadness. MUST SEE!

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