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When it comes to European cinema, most people think of France, the UK and Italy's golden days. The others think of Eastern European movies and some even mention Germany (but, no offense, apart from The Lives of Others I can't recall any good German film). However, it's not really usual that someone says Spanish cinema is one of the best, unless they think of the great and internationally acclaimed directors, such as Buñuel, Bigas Luna or Almodóvar. But all this doesn't mean that this country should be forgotten when we talk about movies. Actually, in my humble opinion, they are just as good at making films as any aforementioned nation.
Here are three relatively unknown films from Spain that could beat any American creation. All this due to the great lines, the even better actors and the brilliant story.
1. Intacto
This thriller/drama is all about luck and destiny and finding the most fortunate person on Earth. The plot is a bit complicated to tell but the film itself is incredibly exciting and cliché-free. With the acting of Eusebio Poncela and Max von Sydow it, not to mention the impeccable work of the director, Juan Carlos Fresnadillo and the indescribable cinematography, Intacto is not only interesting and thought provoking, it is, quite simply, an experience that should not be missed.

2. Cosas que hacen que la vida valga la pena
The English title is 'Things that make life worthwhile' but the tagline - 'A bittersweet comedy' - describes it way better. I love Spanish comedies because they aren't as idiotic as many others and they are something you can never forget (of course I am not talking about all Spanish comedies but about the better ones). This one is about relationships yet not only and the power of the film is that it is very, very realistic yet absolutely funny. Plus, Ana Belén is wonderful!

3. Crimen ferpecto
'The Ferpect Crime' might have a for some people annoyingly silly humour but if you want to laugh out loud, this one is for you. When an employee accidentally kills his boss, everything turns into a horror - but, unlike in any other film, it's not because of the crime itself but because of the eye witness, who not only doesn't want to say anything to the police but also helps to get rid of the body. The 105 minutes of fun is guaranteed!

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